Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another Xpress Shift :(

Hi there friends!

Yes, you read right: we just went through another Xpress Shift in Ad Click Xpress and I really would like to know why as we just been through one a little over one month ago. So after I finally I made it up to $5 per day and now I'm back down to $3.60 per day :(. Not only this: I got $23 from my converted positions but this money I cannot withdraw... why not? So those $23 I can only use to purchase new ad packs, ad panels or accelerators as money cannot be transferred between any of the many wallets we have. 
So too bad as I now have to work my way up again to the $5 per day and I'm currently very lazy with my online opportunities and I don't want to work on this anymore...

Here is the email explaining again the great changes to come... bla bla...:
Greetings Juan!

What an ideal time to be part of ACX - the Best
of the Best!  Thank you for choosing us, and a
warm welcome to our newest members!

XpressShift Leads to Major Changes--

By now you had probably noticed our website had
been temporarily down while important maintenance
work was done and another XpressShift was initiated.
With the successful completion of this latest "restart",
ACX is now positioned to commence a new era of
incredible money-making opportunities for our members,
the likes of which have rarely been accomplished in the
history of the internet.

This XpressShift is a necessary factor in implementing
the new withdrawal system that no longer requires
Green Light notifications.  We appreciate our members'
patience and understanding in allowing the time to
complete Media Xchange Launch prior to making
necessary changes to the withdrawals.  It is largely a
result of the phenomenal success of the Media Xchange
that YOU HELPED CREATE that makes it possible to
announce the following fantastic news:

Going forward ALL withdrawals will be available for
100% of Daily Sales Commissions, not 25/75 as was
mentioned earlier!

We want to thank you for making the Media Xchange
so prevalent to our overall success in such a short time.
With the renewed confidence and support of this new
system we are able to make drastic improvements to
the entire ACX program.  We believe ACX will appeal
to all people everywhere, which means one thing:

More Opportunities to Make Money for Members!

- XpressShift was successful with minimal affect on over
90% of member accounts - this is a "first" for XpressShifts,
ProfitShifts or Restarts since this compensation plan
launched over three years ago in JustBeenPaid.

- If you were eligible for the XpressShift, information
concerning your account is available by clicking on
"Your XpressShift Center" in the sidebar of the Member

- Pending withdrawals from the Ad System were
canceled due to XpressShift - money was returned to
your ACX Wallet to spend as you wish.

- Panels generated due the XpressShift will be starting
to feed into the Ad Panel System in the next couple of

- The Media Xchange withdrawal system has been
launched and first withdrawals will be paid within
24 - 48 hours.

- Restoration Initiatives to make out-of-pocket members
whole is one of the next major ACX projects on the near
horizon - keep watching.

- $5 Media Test Drives are still available for all who have
not tried out the FUN Media System - simply click on
"Switch" to get your first $5 to spend on Media Packs..

- The $5 Reward for 10 New Media Uploads Project is
full in process - read more about it in our previous

- Our newly added Pay Processor, PayToo is available
for funding and withdrawing (1% charge).  If you haven't
signed up at PayToo, here is a link that will give you a
$10 Voucher to get your debit card:

Your Success is Now Inevitable--

Now is the time to make a renewed commitment to
follow your financial dreams.  ACX has every tool and
support system you need to make as much money as
you want.  Just do the activities that make you the most:

1) Buy as many Ad Packs and Media Packs as you can

No other program has the potential to earn hundreds of
dollars each day.  You get to choose how many Ad/Media
Packs will pay you 2% each day (1% on weekends).  If
you want to make $100 a day, it is simple to determine
how many Ad/Media Packs you need to buy.

2) Share the ACX Program with everyone.

Earn generous commissions on two levels (L1=10%,
L2=5%) on not only your referral's initial purchase,
but on every Ad/Media Pack they repurchase each
day.  If you don't have much money to make your own
purchases, sponsoring several people who each make
small purchases will build your daily earnings quickly.

3) View the Media Uploads or Member Websites to
earn your Daily Sales Commissions.

In minutes a day you can earn hundreds or even
thousands of dollars by simply viewing the required
number of websites or media images.

Media Share Affiliate Page--

Click on the SHARE MEDIA Button while viewing
images in our Media Xchange, and you can instantly
create an Affiliate Page that can be sent to anyone
via Email or Instant Message.  Just copy the URL
in the address bar and paste it into the body of your
Email or IM.  Once your friends and family open it,
they can join ACX and start to earn money for
themselves.  It's the easiest and most effective way
to share ACX and all the work is already done for you.

Once again, thank you for choosing ACX.  We
understand your desires to improve your financial
situation, and we have the tools and the systems to
make it happen for you.

Here's to everyone's success!

ACX Executive Team