Thursday, December 6, 2012

Two days trying to request a withdrawal

What a lousy "new withdrawal system" the Profit Clicking guys have set up. I've been trying for two days to request a withdrawal of $50 (the maximum alowed for the "new" system) but I always get the same advice:
"Daily limit reached for the current processor. Try with another processor or request your withdrawal using the old system (and wait a month to get your money). 
I'm going to try a few more times today and if I don't come through I'll request is using the old and slow one...


  1. is that a max withdraw for each day? ... so each day the maX amount you can withdraw is $50? so that means you can only get $1400 a month ...even tho you could be making say $3000 per month you can only withdraw upto $1400?!?!?!?! ... IF THATS CORRECT THEN THAT IS A LOAD OF BULLCRAP!!

    1. Yes... this is the limit you have using the "New Withdrawal System". You can still withdraw $250 a day using the old one; the only problem is that you'll have to wait about a month to get this money :(