Monday, September 30, 2013

What about this new ACX Media Exchange?

Hi there friends!

Have you heard about the "New" Ad Click Xpress Media Exchange. I say "New" because this sounds like when we where in Profit Clicking and they launched the "New" Premium Ad Packs. But this time it is the other way around as the new ACX Media Exchange Ad Pack costs half the price instead of double the price like it was when PC launched the Premium Ad Packs
I don't know but this looks quite fishy to me and I don't understand the need of launching a new ad pack thing in a business that is working fine... or isn't it working fine?? Do they need money from the ACX Media Exchange to be able to pay the "regular" ACX Ad Packs like they did in Profit Clicking
Fishy.... very fishy. I don't know if I'm going to make it to my goal of $5 per day...

Here is the email in case you missed it:
Greetings Juan!

Hello and Welcome to our newest ACX Members.  In case
you didn't already know this, ACX is one of the fastest
growing money-making programs on the internet today.
So if you are new to the ACX family, rest assured that you
have made a wise decision in joining us!

Media Xchange--

If you like the ACX Ad Packages and Panels system that
pays you to view websites every day, you are going to
LOVE our new ACX Media Xchange System that pays you
to watch videos, listen to music or view photos and other
images online!  The best part is that you can earn MORE
with the new Media Packages and Panels.  Plus, it's going
to be a lot more fun.

Media Packages will cost $5 each, earning $0.10 on
weekdays and $0.05 on weekends.  You will continue to
earn these amounts until your Media Pack has paid you
up to $7.50.  Doesn't that sound familiar? It's because it
is basically the same as the Ad Packages, only half the
price. Buy two Media Packs for $10 and then it's exactly
the same.  Cool, huh!  Earn up to 150% in about 88 days.

You might be saying to yourself, "How do I earn more
money if it is just like the Ad Packs?"  We believe this new
Media Pack System is going to attract many more people
to join ACX because we are now paying members for
actions they are already doing every day!  Watching videos,
viewing photos, or listening to music online is one of the
main activities of people who own handheld mobile devices,
which just happens to be nearly everyone on the planet!

ACX is very anxious to get the Media Xchange system
started, giving all the members another income stream!
Get your favorite videos, music and images ready for upload.
What a great way to make money!

There will be more information about the Media Xchange
launch coming soon, so keep your eyes and ears open.
And be sure to tell your friends and family to get ready to
make money doing what they already love to do!
Green Light System--

We are aware that some green lights are opening and closing
rather quickly.  This is something we are taking steps to make
more convenient for our members.  Thank you for your patience
and understanding.  If by chance you are unable to place a
withdrawal during a 24-hour period, your best strategy is to use
those funds to purchase more Ad Packs.  Allowing money to sit
in your wallet is not maximizing the system.  Money is meant to
be working and that requires movement.  Making your money
work for you is what we do at ACX!

Let's make the first week of October the best week ever!
Thanks again for being part of the ACX family!

ACX Executive Team

The Green Light System:
It's funny they told us, when they launched the Green Light System, that the mayor payment processors, STP and Payza, would never have a red light. So what are they telling us in this last update? People have not been able to withdraw money for over 24 ours? And the solution is to purchase new ad packs??? 
What a joke :(

Thursday, September 26, 2013

My first ACX Ad Panel filling

Hi there friends!

Yesterday I got an email from Ad Click Xpress telling me that my Ad Panel has been placed. I logged into my account to check and right; there it was.
I thought that this was nice and also that I was not going to spend any money purchasing accelerators as I'm still sceptical about ACX and I'm only using my earnings to purchase new Ad Packs to reach my goal of $5 per day.

So what a surprise it was when I checked my email today to read an ACX email telling that my Ad Panel is filling. How is that possible? No accelerators bought and I'm getting my panel filled? That's great, huh? So I logged into my ACX account to find out that my Ad Panel had one spot filled :) Better yet, I got another email this afternoon telling me the same and I thought it as just an error and the email was resend. So I checked my ACX account again and guess what: My Ad Panel now has two spots filled! Awesome :) I really couldn't believe it. 
Will wait and see what happens in the next few days. Maybe I think about it and purchase an accelerator for my spot nr. 2 once I've reached my goal of earning $5 per day :P

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Geen light is red....

Hi there friends!

I just checked the green light thing in my ACX back office to test it to find out that all the lights are in red :(
Good they told us that there was not going to be a red light for Payza or STP ... lol. At least they finally managed to increase the withdrawal limits; no wonder as they have implemented the green light system thus having less withdrawals per day....
May the force be with us!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Xpress Shift for the 09.14.2013

Hi again!

As I wrote this morning the first Xpress Shift in ACX has taken place and I just wanted to update you on my current account stats. Here is a pic of my "Xpress Shift Center":
Ad Click Xpress shift

Ok, the cut-off date was August the 29th so no ad packs purchased after that day have been considered for this Xpress Shift. As you can see from the pic that day I had 8 active ad packs earning me $1.60 per day. What I don't get is why it shows that I had 2 Ad Panels (?!?); I don't had any... 
Now after the shift I have 5 active ad packs; means three have been converted and they have added me one ad panel. That's why it shows that I now have 3. Still don't get this... 
I think this might not be completely correct by now and maybe in a day or two it will be changed.... let's wait and see ;)

Xpress Shift completed!

Hi there friends!

I have to say that I'm quite impressed with the first xpress shift we have been through with Ad Click Xpress; it has been quick and smooth compared with the ones we have dealed with in JBP and PC. I've not been able to check my ACX account yet but I will this afternoon, as soon as I get back home ;)
One thing that I did not like too much from their update is the implementation of the all famous "Green Light" for some of the processors.... Let's wait and see what is going to happen with this...
Here is the email I just read about this:
Greetings Juan!

Welcome to all our newest members.  We hope you realize that you have joined the Best of the Best at ACX.  And things are just starting to warm up!  The weekly EMG Conference Call
Friday morning (Thursday evening in the Americas) was well attended, and the speakers did a wonderful job of explaining the latest news: ACX's first XpressShift.

XpressShift Completed

Yesterday the first ACX XpressShift was completed, and members were thrilled with the results.  Mostly it was comforting for members to see just one more indication that the management team at ACX is doing whatever is necessary to insure that ACX Members can continue to be successful in their financial dreams.

The daily sales profits will resume today 9/14 and be back on track moving forward. We are also excited to announce that the withdrawal portals will be open as well now that the Xpress shift is completed, in just a few hours. May we remind you that momentum is at an all time high, so lets keep up the amazing work moving forward.

Here are a few XpressShift facts:

- The Cut-off Date for this XpressShift is August 29. That means any Ad Packs purchased after that date are not affected.  For those purchased before that date, 35% to 70% of the packs were converted into Ad Panels.  Most members saw very little reduction in their Daily Sales Commissions.

- The Daily Sales Commissions for this day were not paid due to the restructuring of accounts.  This does not mean any commissions were lost, rather it delays the payment by one day only.

- Withdrawals made during the prior 24 hours were halted in order to facilitate the XpressShift.  These funds have been returned to the members' wallets.  Withdrawals will
resume quickly, however, to accommodate this first XpressShift, withdrawal limits may be adjusted temporarily.

Overall this important event has been a very positive experience because members realize this is the "mechanism" that allows for the Daily Sales Commissions to be paid indefinitely. Granted there will be a temporary reduction in
the daily earnings.  However, the previous level of earnings members were receiving just two days ago can be reached quickly by simply repurchasing new Ad Packs everyday with 100% of your Daily Sales Commissions.

The GREAT News is that your converted Ad Packs are now feeding into the Ad Panel matrix, and soon members will be able to buy Accelerator Upgrades that will expedite payment of the Ad Panel Rebates of up to $60 when Completed. The XpressShift is the feature that makes all this possible!

In case you haven't figured it out, NOW is the perfect time to buy as many Ad Packs as you can afford.  Tell your referrals who are sitting on the sideline that ACX is for real and Now is
the time.  The timing has never been better.

Help For Referrals Who Haven't Re-engaged

As we work to provide better materials for marketing to new prospects, we don't want members to forget that their greatest source to increase commissions is in re-energizing the referrals who have not activated their ACX accounts.
They all have money in their wallets from the PC/CP migration, but still some are not responding.  To assist you, we have created a power-point presentation that can give you ideas on how to approach your inactive referrals.  Please check out the PPT at the following link.  Click on the button that says "How To Help Your Referrals".

Green Light Withdrawal System

ACX has decided to implement the Green Light Withdrawal notification system to help members who can only use the smaller Pay Processors like EgoPay, OKPay and Perfect Money. Because there are only short time periods when these Pay Processors have not reached the maximum amount available in ACX, It is only natural that we would want help our members to know when the time is right.  For members who prefer to use Solid Trust Pay (and often Payza), we anticipate never seeing
a Red Light on those processors.  These two companies are much larger and can accommodate the needs of most ACX members. Unfortunately, they are not always easily accessible for members In some countries. Therefore, as a way to support members in markets worldwide, we are implementing the Green Light system to notify them when they can request their withdrawals.  We are very glad to be able to offer this service to our members.

Language Assistance

In order to help members in non-English speaking areas, we are finding Global Representatives who can act as ACX Support Staff for members in these areas.  In order to know which language members speak, a Language Box has been added to MY
ACCOUNT in the MY PROFILE area of the Dashboard.  We encourage ALL members to go there to identify and save the language you prefer, so we can better serve you in the future.

Lastly, we want to thank you once again for allowing us to be part of your journey.  We know why you are here, and we know how to help.  You have our word!

Here's to a success week ahead.

ACX Executive Team

Friday, September 13, 2013

Xpress Shift comming our way!

Hi there!

Just read this email from Ad Click Xpress: The first Xpress Shift is about to happen!
One the most important features of the ACX money-making
system is the ability to pay Daily Sales Commission and
panel Rebates indefinitely. We are able to do this though
periodic XpressShifts.
We are excited to announce that the first XpressShift in ACX
history is about to happen. Eligible members will be receiving
expedited conversions of a portion of their active Ad Packs
into Ad Panels. This will provide a huge boost to Ad Panel
earnings because additional panels will be provided members
for free, which allows for more to be earned in the long run.
Members can take comfort in knowing that ACX managers are
following the promptings of the system's sophisticated
algorithm that dictates when an XpressShift is required. It is
this one feature that allows members to keep making money.
During the XpressShift, the following actions on the website
will be temporarily halted due to required maintenance:
- Purchase of Ad Packs or Ad Panels
- Daily Sales Commissions will not be paid
- Withdrawals will not function
Our goal is to help each member of ACX be able to maximize
the profitability of this amazing system. Watch for more details
coming soon. And remember, this is a very positive sign that
the system is working as it is designed to; Frederick Mann's
program is being managed properly. Details of important
cut-off dates and percentages will be presented during the
next few hours and also when the XpressShift is completed.
The EMG Conference Call will be held later today. We
encourage all members to attend as details of the XpressShift
will be discussed also.
05:00 Server Time - Friday, September 13, 2013.
(That is Thursday evening at 11:00 PM (EDT) for members in
the Americas.)
No password required.
As always, we appreciate the opportunity to support you in your
financial journey.
ACX Executive Team

I was not expecting the first Shift thing to happen so soon... but here it comes. I wanted to purchase a new ad pack today but I'll wait to know the cut-off date; don't want my new purchased ad pack to be expired in just a few days ;)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My current ACX stats

Hi there friends.

Just wanted to share with you my current Ad Click Xpress stats:
I've not spend a dime so far with this business and I won't do it just because of all what has been happening with it in the last year. I only got started with one ad pack that was transferred from Profit Clicking and the one we got for "Free" a few days after Ad Click Xpress got started.
My daily commission is now at $2.40/$1.20, even though that money has not been added to my account today ....
Well, disregards what I've written as I refreshed the site and know it shows correctly in my dashboard :P. What I cannot check at this point are the "Financial Details" to check if the payments are being made correctly as they should.

Do you know you can earn money surfing the ACX Traffic Exchange?
I saw this a few days back but wasn't quite interested as you could not convert your "old" Profit Clicking ad packs into usable money with this but now you can go and surf the ACX Traffic Exchange and earn money to purchase new ad packs :) It is not for me because of the quite high rate: 2000 views pays you $1 so you need to surf 20.000 sites in the ACX exchange to be able to purchase one ad pack :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Referrals purchasing...

Hi there friends!

It's been quite a few weeks since my last post to this blog... I'm simply fed up with all this and I'm no longer motivated to keep working with online businesses... sorry for that ;P

Anyway... I recently noticed that my referrals have been purchasing ad packs in Ad Click Xpress. It surprises me that people keep going after what all that has happened in the last year with this business, going from Just Been Paid to Profit Clicking and now to ACX.

Also I got quite surprised this morning when I opened my email and got an email from ACX welcoming me to the "Elite Marketing Group":
Hi Juan,

Welcome to the Elite Marketing Group!

The staff at Ad Click Xpress is excited to have
you be a part of this elite group as we work to
unveil valuable tools to accommodate your desire
to be successful promoting your Ad Click Xpress
Business to the world.

Next, you will be receiving a series of top-notch tips
that will help assist you throughout your journey with
us at Ad Click Xpress. We hope you find this information
useful as outlined and want you to know that we are here
to assist you every step of the way.

Look for more valuable information in the Ad Click Xpress
Member Area at.. whatever...

As far as I know I have not joined this group and have never thought about it so what is this all about?