Thursday, September 5, 2013

Referrals purchasing...

Hi there friends!

It's been quite a few weeks since my last post to this blog... I'm simply fed up with all this and I'm no longer motivated to keep working with online businesses... sorry for that ;P

Anyway... I recently noticed that my referrals have been purchasing ad packs in Ad Click Xpress. It surprises me that people keep going after what all that has happened in the last year with this business, going from Just Been Paid to Profit Clicking and now to ACX.

Also I got quite surprised this morning when I opened my email and got an email from ACX welcoming me to the "Elite Marketing Group":
Hi Juan,

Welcome to the Elite Marketing Group!

The staff at Ad Click Xpress is excited to have
you be a part of this elite group as we work to
unveil valuable tools to accommodate your desire
to be successful promoting your Ad Click Xpress
Business to the world.

Next, you will be receiving a series of top-notch tips
that will help assist you throughout your journey with
us at Ad Click Xpress. We hope you find this information
useful as outlined and want you to know that we are here
to assist you every step of the way.

Look for more valuable information in the Ad Click Xpress
Member Area at.. whatever...

As far as I know I have not joined this group and have never thought about it so what is this all about?


  1. i also got that but i dont take it seriously. all i want is to get my money.. surprisingly though,alot of my referrals n friends get paid on time by ACX... so did I. Now even ACX lets you convert your advertising credits to cash to buy ad packs.. :)

    1. Thanks for sharing this... I didn't know.
      Can you please explain how it works? I'm a bit "out of order" with ACX ;P

    2. Hi Juan:

      It's a ridiculous exchange rate: 2000 TE credits gives you $1.

      I'm not sure if the saying, "It's better than nothing", holds true in this situation.

      Take care,


    3. Hi there Glenn,

      thanks for posting your reply. Yes, that's quite high: you need to surf 20.000 sites to be able to purchase an ad pack :) Well, that's better than nothing, huh?


  2. Hi Juan:

    Working an online business can be frustrating.

    Hang in there my friend!


  3. 1. Hi Juan Its ALI, whats latest on ACX, they decided to give back money yet, and ANY MAJOR important updates (i have not joined nor intend to join due to them scamming us)???

    2. also how many of PC members have migrated to ACX?

    3. how many members lost their money in PC was it millions? (it was all of them right)

    1. 1. Give back money? No. You can use your PC money to purchase views in the Traffic Exchange or to pay part of new ad packs.
      You can now also earn money from the traffic exchange if you have plenty of time.
      2. No idea but I think everyone should have migrated their account if they want to get anything back from these people.
      3. I bet most of the people lost money but I'm also sure quite a lot of members have earned good money: I was not one of them :( lol...