Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Still no notification....

So it's been a while since I send out my withdrawal request and still no notification about money received or anything at all. 

I noticed that I've received a PC Panel and four of it's positions have been filled. As I only got one PC Panel I suppose that it has been converted from my expiring Ad Packs and not from the restart (or profit shift). I already had a JSS Matrix transferred from JBP to Profit Clicking and the converted to PC Panel; I had two positions filled in it but now it is empty :( I do not understand what has happened so I will try to send in a support ticket and see if I get an answer to it.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Withdrawal request submitted

So after trying for many times for many days I finally managed to submit a withdrawal request to Profit Clicking. Unfortunately I did not manage to get it through the new 48hours system but through the old withdrawal system so I'm ready to waiting for at least 1 month tho see the funds hit my payment processor.  I didn't know they charge a $2 fee the withdrawal requests plus 4%  (STP)... Means that form the $50 I requested I'll get $46... in maybe one month time :(

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Two days trying to request a withdrawal

What a lousy "new withdrawal system" the Profit Clicking guys have set up. I've been trying for two days to request a withdrawal of $50 (the maximum alowed for the "new" system) but I always get the same advice:
"Daily limit reached for the current processor. Try with another processor or request your withdrawal using the old system (and wait a month to get your money). 
I'm going to try a few more times today and if I don't come through I'll request is using the old and slow one...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Another combined payment received

So today, finally, I've received another combined payment from Profit Clicking. It's been almost two weeks since the last received payment... This payment is from the 11/21 to the 12/01: today is the 3rd so there is still 2 days missing to be up to date. 
PC Panels have not yet been placed either and so far I have not gotten any info about when those are going to be placed.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

9 days with no $$

What a surprise... it's been 9 days since my last money received in my Profit Clicking account :(  I don't know what is going on but in the last update they send me today they say that the first stage of the Profit Shift is finished and now they are working on the second stage: bringing the members account up to date.
Profit Clicking is really making it's members feel uncomfortable and unhappy with this program: not paying is not good! There is nothing we can do but wait and see how this is going to develop... hopefully we start seeing some results soon!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Payment received till the 20th

Today I was surprised as I've received a combined payment from the 8th to the 20th of November! I was really thinking about Profit Clicking not paying us anymore but it seems that I was wrong ;) As always I took some of the earned money to buy new Ad Packages and the rest I moved to my wallet.
The PC Panels generated after the Profit Shift have not yet been placed and I have no info on when they will be placed. What I'm quite sure of is that we will never see the JSS Matrix positions generated during the last Just Been Paid Restart :(
I also did some surfing the traffic exchange as I had only 10 views left ;)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Payments every few days...

I don't know what is happening with Profit Clicking but they are not paying me on a daily basis but every 2-3 days they send out a combined payment for the missing days. Is this ok? Well, I would prefer get the money every day and be able to use it to buy new positions every day instead of getting it every few days ...

I'm starting to set some of my earnings aside; just a 10-20% and the rest I use it to buy new positions. Why am I doing this? Just in case: maybe I will use some of that money to pay for the filling of the PC Panels (if we get those... let's wait and see) and the rest for my first withdrawal or maybe I just withdraw all this money and use my daily earnings to pay for the PC Panels filling options... not clearly about that...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Restart is now Profit Shift

I'm quite surprised to find out that a former "Restart" now called "Profit Shift" is going to take place in November. How is that possible if the JSS Matrix positions from the last JBP restart have not yet been placed? Not even the ones that should have been created from expiring triplers... This is something I can not understand and I really don't like this.
Cut off date was October the 25th meaning that the Ad Packs bought after this date will not be affected by the "Profit Shift".
I have only one PC Panel that was transferred from JBP and still there it has only the first level filled.... since July the 13th!!! Not good :(

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Payments delayed again...

For the last few days the payments at Profit Clicking have been delayed again. Currently my account has a delay of 3 days. I really don't mind about the delay that much. I care more about them keeping paying its members :)
I've been contacted by members who are going just with the free $10 and even thought they are viewing ads every day they have not yet been paid for their active ad package. My only advice is to contact support and ask them directly about this matter.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Payments up to date?

What a surprise when I logged into my Profit Clicking account today: I had almost $145 in my wallet :O I checked my Ad Packages financial details and I found there was a combined payment for 11.10-11.15. This means that my payments with Profit Clicking are now up to date. Hope they will also pay me for today :)
And I just took those $140 and bought 14 new Ad Packages ;)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Receiving money for JSS Triplers

As I wrote yesterday to one of the comments asking if I am receiving money for the old JSS Tripler positions I took a snap shot of some of my active ad packages and the money that they have paid me so far:
 Pic from the 10.08.2012
 Pic from the 10.09.2012
Unfortunately I don't know how to position the pictures side by side here in blogger :(
Anyway, if you check both pictures you'll be able to notice that the money of all of the ad packages in those pics have build up money. There is only one ad package in this picture that has been bought after the migration (number 291). it is also the only one that has grown by $0.20. All the other are former JSS Triplers and they have grown by $0.10. 
So here you can see that Profit Clicking is paying for their positions (ad packages) and also for the former JSS Tripler positions :) 
Hope they manage to start paying for the former JSS Tripler positions $0.20 per day as well soon!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

My first fake Profit Clicking email

Today I got shocked! When I logged into my email account I saw an email from Profit Clicking telling: Your Withdrawal request of $87 have been processed.
WHAT!!!! My first thought: My Profit Clicking account has been hacked! 
So I logged into it and checked everything and all seemed to be right. Afterwards I thought: Why so scared? I do not have that much in my Profit Clicking account :P

So after receiving fake emails from Just Been Paid we will now have to deal with the fake emails for Profit Clicking :( 
Please watch out and don't get fooled with those fake emails!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Payments growing

Today I've received my payment for the first and second of October:
It is still far form the money I should be receiving from Profit Clicking but at least it is picking up and I'm able to keep buying over 1 Ad Package per day ;)
It still has a delay in the payments of 5 days and I'm really wondering how they are going to do it to start making the payments on time (pay the money for the 10th on the 10th).
the new feature about being able to add site views so you don't have to surf every day is really nice. You can add up to 45 sites and then forget to surf again for a few weeks :) I currently have 28 extra surfed sites so I don't have to worry about logging in every day to surf.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Update for October 3rd

Here is the new update send out by Profit Clicking:
Member Update

The Excitement Brewing at Profit Clicking!

Member's are excited about trying out all the new features the Profit Clicking website has added! Here's some more new items that are operational to make your experience easier and more successful:


Under the Training Center tab , you will find great ways to market your business! These informative articles have been written by marketing experts -- experts that you would normally have to pay to gain their advice. As one of our Profit Clicking Members, you have access to their knowledge for FREE! Currently six of the marketing areas are still being developed, but don't let that stop you from exploring those that have been added already. You can find tips on how to market using emails and classified ads. Check out the sections about article writing/blogs and SMS. There's even a section about the sometimes forgotten telephone marketing!

If you need new ways to market your business, you need to check out this section on a regular basis! More sections are being completed as you are reading this! Our experts are working hard to make your marketing easier!


The Events tab makes it easy to see what's happening at Profit Clicking! The number on your dashboard tells you how many events are scheduled for the day. By clicking on the tab, you'll pull up a calendar for the entire month! Hover over a day and you'll see Live Events, Conference Calls, and Webinars. You'll also find the times and the links for each event! Now it's super easy to keep track of all the events, and to share them with others.


There are three sections under the Support Center tab: My Tickets -- This gives you an easy way to check on any tickets that you've already submitted.

Submit Ticket -- Now, right from your Dashboard, you can use this link to submit a ticket.

More Help Options -- This link will take you to the Help & Support Page where you can join one of our 24/7 Conference Rooms, or talk to one of our moderators with the Live Chat Support link.

Explore your Dashboard! We here working to make all our Profit Clicking features easy for you to find and use.

Super Exciting News! - Withdraw Times Are Coming Down

Daily sales commissions are getting caught up quickly - just a few more days before we expect to be completely current with them - your patience will be greatly rewarded!

The time it takes for your requested withdrawals to be processed will be significantly decreased over the next few days - keep in mind, the migration we just experienced during the transition from JustBeenPaid to Profit Clicking was a huge mile stone in the history of money-making programs, so a few bumps in the road are to be expected.

Momentum is building and soon the whole money-making community will be saying very positive things again - this is not the first time we've reorganized and closed our doors for a few weeks, so be exceptionally happy about what we have in store for you and your families in the coming months and years!

As you can see, New and Exciting things are happening at Profit Clicking!

Keep following our updates to see how we're making it easier for you.

Remember, Profit Clicking is the program "everyone in the know" joins. Join immediately! Be sure to tell your friends and contacts about us before they get scooped up under someone else!

The best thing you can be doing right now is to be buying new advertising packages and assisting others to do the same - those are the two ways to make an incredible amount of money at Profit Clicking!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

My last payment

Today i logged into my Profit Clicking account and I had a little over $40 in my wallet. Checking the Ad Packages I could see that the 4 last Ad Packs I bought have not paid me a dime yet. My last received payment was for the 26th. So we are having at least 4 days delay in the payments... Hope they manage to bring them up to date as soon as possible....

Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Update 09.27.2012

So here is the new update for today. You can also read it in your Profit Clicking back office:

Things are happening in Profit Clicking! 

For all the dedicated Members of Profit Clicking, we have decided to make things much easier for you.

Introducing Reserved Website Views!

You are now able to view ads over and above the required 3 daily for a maximum reserve of 135 views (45 Days). These extra views are placed in a “reserve” for you called Reserved Website Views. This will help those who are not able to be at their computers 7 days a week -- you can store up views, allowing you to receive Daily Sales Commissions. These Reserved Website Views will appear in a new area on your Dashboard soon. The views that you have in your Traffic Stats, starting from 9/24, will be retroactive and will continue until further notice.

Sales could not be easier!

You can help out your new prospects by offering them $10 free in the Pay-It-Forward System, allowing them to get started right away.

Profit Clicking Banners are Here!

Take a look under the "Build My  Business"  tab that's over on the left side of your dashboard.  You'll find new, and approved, marketing banners to use on your website!  Our Creative Department has given you the first of many fabulous advertising banners for use in promoting Profit Clicking. This is just the start!  We'll have more for you in the coming weeks!  Keep watching for more exciting announcements!

Simple success!

Remember, that by purchasing Ad Packages, you will  receive 1000 Ad Package Credits to set your business into motion -- Your website can be viewed by millions of Profit Clicking Members, and you will also benefit from Daily Sales Profits!

Take advantage of both! 

Best Regards,
The Executive Team 
P.S. We challenge you to find any program that’s easier to make money with than Profit Clicking.
P.P.S. Profit Clicking is the program “everyone in the know” joins.  Join immediately!
Be sure to tell your friends and contacts about us before they get scooped up under someone else! 
It is really good news that we will be able to add more views per day so they can be added and used other days when we are not able or just don't want to surf. Notice that those extra views you add will expire after 45 days!

Friday, September 21, 2012

New great update: 09.20.2012

This is a great new update form Profit Clicking... even though I received it today the 21st and it is dated for the 20th... We will start receiving money (within 48 hours) for our old JBP Triplers! Finally! Even tough we are just going to get $0.10 per day on weekdays and $0.05 on weekends... but better this than nothing! Here is the email:
Daily Updates For September 20, 2012

Withdrawals are now LIVE !

Members can now make daily withdrawals up to
$250.00 per transaction from their wallet
balance to the processor of choice.

Each withdrawal will show as pending until
the transfer is complete. At this time,
members can request one withdrawal per day.
All processors have an eight percent fee (8%)
except Solid Trust Pay which is four percent (4%).
All fees are deducted from the withdrawal amount.
Please note: Withdrawal limits are subject to
change at anytime.

Coming Soon: Within the next 48 hours, we will
begin paying $0.10 on all ad packages purchased
prior to the migration from Just Been Paid.

More great news: As of this announcement, incomes
are current and can be viewed by logging into your
account. We are here for the 98% of marketers
who never succeed online. Everyone can make
money with.
Proven...Profitable...Profit Clicking

Here's To Your Success
Profit Clicking Executive Team
You can also read this announcement:

I also need to apologize for a wrong statement I made a few days back where I wrote that you could withdraw money from each processor once per day but from this new update you could read that it is only one withdrawal per day... So for now $250 is the maximum you are allowed to withdraw per day: I'll get there someday ;)

So I'll be looking forward to see the triplers adding up money to my e-wallet soon!!


From the conference room I just got this info:
Profit Clicking withdrawals are currently limited to $250 per processor per day. This means that if you are only using Solid Trust Pay, as an example, you can withdraw a maximum of $250 per day. Of course if you have more processors added to your back office you can withdraw more money ;) I hope I can reach that amount someday ;)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Update 09.18.2012

So this is an important update, but not the most important in my eyes: Withing 24 hours we will be able to start withdrawing money from our Profit Clicking e-wallets! Here is the update you can read in your Profit Clicking back office:
Exciting news! Within the next 24 hours, members will be able to make a daily withdrawal from their wallet! Remember, the link for your wallet is on the left side of your dashboard. Clicking the "My Wallet" button allows you to manage your commissions and withdrawals as well as pay for new Ad Packages and PC Panels.
Just a reminder--This is a daily withdrawal which means that it can only be done once each day, per each pay processor you have listed in your account.
Here's to your Success!
Profit Clicking Executive Team
This really is great news, maybe for many members... but I would like to know when our old JBP triplers are going to start paying our daily money again. Also we still have no idea of when the PC Panels (former JSS Matrices) are going to be placed. Hope we get some info about this soon ;)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Profit Clicking Update for the 09.16.2012

This new Profit Clicking update has something I really don't like too much:
All daily profits starting on September 14th, 2012 12:00 AM server time. will be as follows:
Members qualify for Ad Pack income by surfing our traffic exchange system. Members need only surf three websites per day, prior to 00:05:00 server time listed on the website.
We have redesigned our traffic websites to make it simpler for you to earn income. A timer had been installed in the upper right hand corner of each page. This will assist you in keeping track of how long you must stay on each website to earn full surf credit. Once you have surfed the required time, you will be directed to click on the next site.
Once you see three sites viewed in the upper left hand corner, you have completed your requirement.
Here's To Your Success
Profit Clicking Executive Team
They have lowered the weekends earnings from 1.5% to 1% :( So now on weekends we will earn $0.10 per day and per active Ad Pack instead of the usual $0.15... This only means that it will take longer to reach the $15 per Ad Pack... not that we will earn less!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

First earned money in Profit Clicking

Ok.. so I bought a few Ad Packs (19 yesterday and 4 a few days back: Total of 23 Profit Clicking Ad Packs) and I surfed my required 3 sites a day. Yesterday I had $0 in my account and today I have $4.95. This amount does not make any sense to me as 23x$0.15=$3.45... Anyway.... I'll keep an eye on this and let's see what we have tomorrow in there ;)

I also noticed two new updates in the Profit Clicking back office: one for the 13th and another for today, the 15th. I swear the update for the 13th wasn't there last time I logged in yesterday night.... anyway: here they are:
Update for September the 13th:

Daily Updates For September 13, 2012

We hope you have taken advantage of the new earning potential. It's as simple as a click of a mouse. Daily earning potential is captured through viewing at least three websites each day. Select the "Act Now" button on the dashboard in the "My Traffic Stats" area... surf and earn... it's that easy.
In the coming weeks you'll see additional features activated on your dashboard. New product trainings, marketing materials, banners and affiliate sites are just a few of the awesome items coming. We are committed to providing user-friendly, effective tools and services to increase your business and earning potential!
The results of a recent timed commission run, on the new servers, showed a reduction in processing time from forty-eight hours to just three! AWESOME!!!
Here's to your Success!
Profit Clicking Executive Team
Great new :) Now the update for the 15th:

Daily Updates For September 15, 2012

CLARIFICATIONIt has been brought to our attention that many members have been concerned about how to earn income on the ad packages that were purchased prior to the migration. We would like to take a moment and review what was stated in the Sept 12th update.
New ad packages that have been purchased since the migration are earning income now when a member views 3 sites per day. If you have packages that were purchased prior to the migration, you will start to earn on those over the next few days. <- That's the real important part here ;)

Stay tuned here for further updates and directions on how to increase your income with our Traffic Exchanges system! Plus, there are many more products that will be released over the next weeks and months.
Yes... that's right: If you are a migrated Just Been Paid member with active tripler positions you'll (or we'll) have to wait  a few more days till those old "Triplers" get active and start making us money back. Hope it won't take too long! This migration is taking much longer than many have expected and we have not yet received any of the former JSS Matrices either....

Friday, September 14, 2012

More Ad Packs bought

I just logged into my Profit Clicking back office and I just bought 19 (!!) new Ad Packages or Ad Packs with the money I had in my account :) I now Have 170 active positions and those are going to pay me $34 per day from Monday to Friday and $25.50 from Saturday to Sunday. The placement of the Ad Packs is immediate as I got the email confirming the placements just after clicking on the confirmation button :)
We are now required to visit at least 3 sites a day in the traffic exchange in order to get paid so I just did this as well and tomorrow I'm going to check if I've been paid or not... well, not tomorrow only but this afternoon I should have received the payment for my older "Tripler" positions that I still have active in my account... ;)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Profit Clicking Update 90.12.2012

Here the new update I just read in our Profit Clicking back office:
Within the next 24 hours, all members that have recently purchased their new ad packages and have clicked and viewed at least 3 member websites a day, will start to receive income for their efforts.
If you have not viewed your sites yet, simply log into your Dashboard and click on "View Ads" under the section "Traffic Exchange" in your Member Area. Please remember this must be done each day to continue earning income for your participation in the program.
We hope that each member will view the websites that are being shown and see if they can benefit the projects you're working on. These are the sites from individuals and companies that are paying for traffic to their site. They get increased traffic and you get paid.
Income for ad packages created from the accounts of members migrated over from JustBeenPaid will start within the next few days.
Our new servers are up and being tested as we speak. This was set in place to handle the increased traffic that is already occurring with our amazing traffic exchange system. Expect over the next 48 hours to have the ability to change your membership profiles and the ability to request withdrawals from your accounts.
Again we want to thank all of you for your patience and understanding as we make these enhancements to better serve you and our retail clients.
Here's to your Success!
Profit Clicking Executive Team
So here you got it: from now on to earn money with Profit Clicking you need to have active Ad Packages and you need to view at least 3 sites in the traffic exchange a day... not too much. Just need to find out if it is possible to to this task just once a week or if it has to be done on a daily basis ;)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Profit Clicking Update 09.11.2012

This is the new update from the Profit Clicking back office:
Daily Update
The IT Team has been testing and retesting for accuracy and reliability of the new speedy servers and the new streamlined PC system. All features will be enabled as soon as they are determined A-OK.
Your patience in this transition is much appreciated.
BEWARE of rumors!
We have recently noticed an increase in reports going around on chat forums and conferences that are simply incorrect. Incorrect Information causes so many negative side effects such as confusion, frustration and many others. The migration of this system is not a simple switch and we are done. This is a major increase in our system, functionality and software. We have a strong plan, we are confident, committed and working towards the future of our global organization. Members of ProfitClicking will always be the first to know when it comes to major announcements and official product launches.
From time to time members with active accounts will receive an email from the executive, informing every one of the latest updates. Members also have daily announcements they can read, located on the daily announcement section of the dashboard, once they login to their accounts.
We strive to keep our members informed and safe at all times. We also know that emails can sometimes come across as official when they may not be. So we always suggest you check you dashboard to make sure you are getting the correct information.
Remember no member of the ProfitClicking staff will ask you for your personal information in an email or live forum. Security is our priority and your success is our mission. Stay informed, stay confident, stay connected and let us create success together.
Keep working guys ;)

72 hour update

Today I received an email from Profit Clicking telling that one of my referral has bought 9 Ad Packages: Finally! Let's go and start buying some AP's as soon as possible :) -> Failure ;( When clicking on the "Buy AP's" button and after a few minutes loading time I get to a "502 Bad Gateway" site... Too bad :(

Well, at least we can see the ball is moving and I can see my downline members again in my Profit Clicking back office so it is not that bad. I hope that maybe today or tomorrow we will be able to start making some money with Profit Clicking :)

Here is the latest update I got through email today:
72 Hour Update!

We hope by now you have had a chance to log into
your account and start viewing some of the products
ProfitClicking has to offer. Also, in this first
section of the beta testing we are asking all
members to view their wallet, and personal referrals.

All balances and personal referrals have been
migrated over from the previous company. We would
also ask all members to add their processors to their
accounts. Emails will be sent to the address listed
in your account for verification of the connection.

This week will be very exciting. Our IT team expects
to activate the ability to buy advertising packages

As mentioned in our previous timeline announcement,
you will, then, be able to start clicking your way to
profits, a day or so after your purchase.

If you are a former JBP member, your wallet will show
your current balance and you will be able to withdraw
within the next few days any income you have available
to you.

We understand this system is new to most but will be
easy to understand with our new training section that
will be added over the next week. You will find
downloadable materials, how to videos and coming
soon... live interactive trainings.

Remember to log into your account daily to see all
the latest announcements on your member dashboard.

Here's to your Success!
ProfitClicking Executive Team

Best of luck ;)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Still in Beta :(

So after waiting for the countdown to get to "0" we are now in a beta time. 48 hours more we have to wait till the site is supposed to be operational. I just finished adding funds again to my account and I hope to be able to buy my "first" Ad Packages in Profit Clicking :)
Here is the latest update we got through email:
Launch Announcement!

Are you ready for the exciting first step into your
new user experience of ProfitClicking? Over the next
48 hours we are finishing the final touches to the
dashboard area in your customer account. Each
release will have critical steps that must take place
to insure the proper function of all areas of the
dashboard, this process is know as a beta testing

In the first beta test we will be opening up the
areas to fund your wallet and purchase your "ad
packs". From here the process is simple, choose
the amount of clicks you would like to purchase and
watch our system do the rest. Keep track of you ad
campaigns in the money monitoring section of your

We will be monitoring all area in this first step
and will make adjustments as everything is rolled

Here's to your Success!
ProfitClicking Executive Team
We need a bit more of patience for the IT team to get all the site set up :)

It's time to log in!!

Ok... the moment has come to get into our Profit Clicking back office and I've been waiting in front of my computer for almost 20 minutes and when the timer hits "0" I logged in... but I did not come through :( Seems like many people over the world were doing the same as I was doing so when we all try to log in at once we couldn't. Probably have to wait a bit till the site is not that busy and I hope I can log in today... otherwise I'll have to wait till maybe tomorrow when the site is not that busy...
The live conference room has been really busy the last couple of minutes with over 1000 members in there. Of course there was no delay in posting negative stuff as soon as some of the members saw they could not log in :(

I'll try to log in again later during the day...

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Well... surprisingly today I tried to log in to my profit Clicking account but is wasn't possible. Also the timer got up to two days again... :( 
I entered the conference room and they say that the IT Team is working on the site as fast as they can and sometimes unexpected things happen... Too bad as I was really exited of starting today... Anyway, there is nothing we can do at this point but keep waiting. Hopefully all this waiting has it's reward ;)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

One more day....

From the website we can see that there is one more day to go till we are able to start using the site. Hopefully it starts working well and we can start earning money with this site as we used to do with Just Been Paid :)

Positions should be placed correctly and I hope they have managed to overcome the huge delay in the JSS Matrix placements (now PC Panels). Fingers crossed ;)

Friday, August 31, 2012

New Update fro the 30.08.2012

Just received this new update from ProfitClicking:
Member Update - 08/30/2012

1) We're excited to provide updates so you can follow our
progress. Please ensure you white-list the email address to avoid missing the updates.

Please Note: We are completing the migration of your
account information including, funding, triplers,
matrices and referrals.

2) The Time Is Near!

The migration is almost complete... On the home page: you will see the count down to success
timer, ticking away the final minutes when you can Fund,
Buy & Surf!

3) JBP ceased all company operations after the last payout
was made Aug 20th. This included all funding into the
company, withdrawals from the company and earnings to
members. ProfitClicking will honor the existing balances
of all JBP members that migrate to ProfitClicking, ensuring
earnings on active positions up to Aug 20th, and correct
balances will be reflected in the dashboard prior to the
launch date.

We appreciate your patience as we progressively advance.

4) If you feel you are eligible to provide quality service
for our Membership and would like to join our HelpDesk
Staff, please send your resumes to
We currently have positions available.

- ProfitClicking Executive Team


As posted on 8/27/2012, please be reminded:

Although members can't submit tickets right now, we're
responding to those received from JBP in an effort to
resolve as many issues as possible... Live Chat is fully

Payouts, daily earnings and the option to Fund, Buy & Surf
will resume when the countdown timer expires! Follow the
countdown at: The Excitement is

6) The following information is provided for your

Answers to the most asked questions are here:

Visit our 24/7 conference room for training and basic
FAQs (must be logged in to your ProfitClicking account):

Check out our new FAQ pages:

Go here to access your ProfitClicking account
(same login as JBP):

Keep informed by reviewing the announcements posted on
the Dashboard after you login to your account.

More Exciting News to come!!

Thank you for being a valuable member of ProfitClicking!
The counter is showing 5 days and about 14 hours left till the site will be up and running again... I hope they keep it up to this count down ;)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Important announcement...

Here is a new announcement about the Profit Clicking migration:
#1) Understanding the migration
We understand the migration process may seem like it is taking forever. The truth is we've taken the extra time to retain all information, income, referrals and teams, along with a crucial upgrade necessary to reduce risk and ensure sustainable security.
The Executive team has your best interest at heart. Over this next week you will see things improve and you will be open to do what you do best... share these great ProfitClicking products with the world.
Here is to your success.
#2) SolidTrust Pay
ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS: We have been informed that SolidTrust Pay ACH bank deposits may not be accurate. Although we have no control over processors, Profit Clicking strives to protect our members as much as possible.
We are suggesting that members keep good records. This includes all transaction emails and correspondence between you and the processor. Customer satisfaction and security is our top priority.
Keep waiting ;)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Update copied from announcements board 28.08.2012


Just copied the new announcement they've added today to the Profit Clicking board.
Please note that;
  • This migration could take at least 1 more week. 
  • New position purchases and withdrawals cannot be done at this time. 
  • You will receive and e-mail from JBP/ProfitClicking once your account has been fully migrated across.
Support Department Update - 08/27/2012

We are currently in the process of migrating over to ProfitClicking and while we are in this process your account activity will be limited. The migration ETA is about a week. Thank you for your patience!

Although members can't submit tickets at the moment we are responding to the tickets which are in the system in an effort to resolve as many issues as possible before the migration is complete. Our Help Desk Staff has been working long hours continuously to resolve as many of your submitted tickets as possible while you wait for the migration to be complete. Please note that Live Chat is fully operational.

We appreciate your patience as we progressively advance.

If you feel you are eligible to provide quality service for our Membership and would like join our Help Desk Staff, please send your resumes to We are currently hiring on a weekly basis.

We apologize for the downtime but rest assure that you will be blown away by the ease of use our new site has and how much more user friendly it is. It is worth the wait.

Please note that payouts, daily earnings and the option to purchase positions will resume when the programmers are finished putting everything together during the migration process. Thank you for your patience!

Please look through the following information:

Answers to the most asked questions are here: announcements/?num=3

Please visit our 24/7 conference room for training and basic FAQs conference/

Check out our new FAQ page:

Go here to access your ProfitClicking account (same login as JBP)

Please stay informed by reading all the announcements that get posted under your Dashboard after you login to your account.

Note that we are in the process of migrating all of your account information including, funding, funds, triplers, matrices and referrals. Please be patient while our IT department works on getting everything moved over.

Watch for future updates as even more enhancements and exciting things are coming our way!
Thank you for being a valuable member of ProfitClicking!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Todays update about ProfitClicking...

Just logged into my ProfitClicking back office and saw the new update there so I thought I post it here for everyone looking for more info about what the current situation with our Profit Clicking accounts is:
The staff here at Profit Clicking would like to take a moment to thank you for your continued trust and patience. We understand that in these uncertain times it is difficult and sometimes even scary when a change, such as this happens. Please know that you, our members, will always be our top priority.
Over the next week you may experience difficulty logging in, slow page loading and the disappearance and reappearance of your dashboard. Our IT department is working 24 hours a day to finish what is needed to allow you to market your business with no further delays.
Towards the end of next week you will see the site begin to run as intended and we will make an announcement, here when it is time for you to go to work. We are excited for you to see what we have in store for you and we thank you again for working with us as we move into a bigger and much stronger future.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Account updated

Just logged into my new Profit Clicking account and my data has been updated:
I can now see all my placed positions, active positions, expired positions, daily earnings.... I like the new looks and it seems to be quite organized compared to the old Just Been Paid back office which was quite confusing, especially for new members who really had to fight their way through the back office till they got the hang of it :) I'm still not able to see my referrals nor am I'm able to buy new Ad Packages (former JSS Triplers) yet... hope we can get started soon ;)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just got started with Profit Clicking

So today Just Been Paid has changed over to Profit Clicking. I just finished migrating my account but still nothing is working in there. All of my back office or "Dashboard" shows "0" every where and I cannot see my referrals nor the actual money I have in my account yet. Hope this starts working soon. I've also stopped all my promotion of mt Just Been Paid sites. 

Good Luck!