Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Receiving money for JSS Triplers

As I wrote yesterday to one of the comments asking if I am receiving money for the old JSS Tripler positions I took a snap shot of some of my active ad packages and the money that they have paid me so far:
 Pic from the 10.08.2012
 Pic from the 10.09.2012
Unfortunately I don't know how to position the pictures side by side here in blogger :(
Anyway, if you check both pictures you'll be able to notice that the money of all of the ad packages in those pics have build up money. There is only one ad package in this picture that has been bought after the migration (number 291). it is also the only one that has grown by $0.20. All the other are former JSS Triplers and they have grown by $0.10. 
So here you can see that Profit Clicking is paying for their positions (ad packages) and also for the former JSS Tripler positions :) 
Hope they manage to start paying for the former JSS Tripler positions $0.20 per day as well soon!!


  1. Hi Juan, when is your last earning from PC?
    I feel my earning quite delays. around 5-6 days.

    1. Yes, my last payment I received today is for the 5th. Today is the 10th so we are 5 days behind. Also all the Ad Packages I've bought are also only earning me money 5 days behind: the last Ad Package that earned me money is from the 4th....