Sunday, October 7, 2012

Payments growing

Today I've received my payment for the first and second of October:
It is still far form the money I should be receiving from Profit Clicking but at least it is picking up and I'm able to keep buying over 1 Ad Package per day ;)
It still has a delay in the payments of 5 days and I'm really wondering how they are going to do it to start making the payments on time (pay the money for the 10th on the 10th).
the new feature about being able to add site views so you don't have to surf every day is really nice. You can add up to 45 sites and then forget to surf again for a few weeks :) I currently have 28 extra surfed sites so I don't have to worry about logging in every day to surf.


  1. Hai Juan it's me again Doni, do you know when is PC is start to pay ads packages migration from JBP, because honestly I began to doubt about this new bussiness , thank's

    1. Hello Doni,

      how is that possible? I'm already receiving money for the triplers, even though only $0.10 and $0.05 instead of the $0.20 and $0.10 I should. I've been having a look at me last tripler bought (08.22.2012) and everyday when I log in they have added up the money to that specific position. I've made a pick of my todays stat and I'll do another tomorrow and then I'll post them here so everybody can see that they are really paying. Maybe you should send in a support ticked?