Monday, October 29, 2012

Restart is now Profit Shift

I'm quite surprised to find out that a former "Restart" now called "Profit Shift" is going to take place in November. How is that possible if the JSS Matrix positions from the last JBP restart have not yet been placed? Not even the ones that should have been created from expiring triplers... This is something I can not understand and I really don't like this.
Cut off date was October the 25th meaning that the Ad Packs bought after this date will not be affected by the "Profit Shift".
I have only one PC Panel that was transferred from JBP and still there it has only the first level filled.... since July the 13th!!! Not good :(


  1. There is definitely something not right here. I too am still awaiting matrix positions from the last restart. I've heard a rumor that all old tripler positions are going to be 'converted' in the profit shift, which basically means old members money will be used to pay new members.I have also been waiting 3 weeks for my withdraw request to be honored, which is completely unacceptable. I personally have had enough of this now, i would advise anyone to think very hard before they invest any more money in profit clicking.

    1. Yes... it is really annoying. I don't know if old members will get those matrix positions ever. I was also thinking about that: old triplers totally been converted in the next restart. This is surely going to happen :(

      PS: Sorry for the late reply but I've not been feeling very well lately....