Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Profit Clicking cheating on its members... again

I have to say that this new "Green Light" withdrawal system that our friend from Profit Clicking introduced just a few days ago is a complete joke. I've been waiting many times for the green light in any of the four processors I'm a member of. 

But every time I have a green light and I try to withdraw there is always the same message: Limit has been reached
I've even asked for a withdrawal in less then 10 seconds after green light many times a day and I can't come through :(
I'm sorry guys but I think this is just another try from Profit Clicking to mislead its members and keep them busy trying to withdraw money from a program that is not paying anymore ;(

Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Update on the withdrawal system

Did you got the new update from Profit Clicking about the "Green Light" withdrawal system? Looks like we don't have to guess when the bucket for each processor will be open and available to request our "very long awaited" money.
Have you checked it? I just did and .... everything is red ;(

So I guess now we have to be waiting till your desired processor gets green and then submit your withdrawal request as soon as possible before the limit for that period is reached.
In case you are blind, like me, as I did not see the "Green Light System" button:

Here is part of the email:
Another Very Exciting Update!

First of all, the long-awaited

Green Light System

has been implemented for withdrawals

This is fantastic!

No more guessing when the "bucket" is open
to request a withdrawal, because WE TELL

Each processor will be open several times
per day, and the Green Light System tells
you when to start your withdrawal request,
for each of the five current payment

Simply log in at

and click on "Green Light System".

While you’re there, feel free to view
other member’s advertising on our Traffic
Exchange, or visit our "Build My Business"
Marketing Training System.

You can also view some great training and
motivational videos!

But wait!

"The Green Light in the New System is

So now guess what:
I just got the green light on STP! And I clicked on withdraw and:
 No Way!!!! :(((

Friday, February 22, 2013

New System in Profit Clicking??

I just read this email about a new system about to start with Profit Clicking in a few days:
New, Premium Ad Package System Coming!

- $10 per Ad Package
- 3% a day Daily Sales Commissions
- 10% and 5% Referral Commissions
- Multi-Site Advertising System
- Daily Withdrawals - up to $1,000 a day
  per payment processor
- No more full buckets
- No more withdrawal queue
- Same tested compensation plan
- Use your existing wallet funds
- Use your gift cards

All the components of an Amazing System

Launching within the next few days!

Tell your teams to GET READY!

And Keep Building Your Business!
So what about the actual Ad Packages we have already running?
No more full buckets and no withdrawal queue?
We have yet got a solution for the actual situation and now they want to bring in something that sounds that will only work with the new bought Ad Packages (fresh money?)...

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Last update from Profit Clicking

Today I received this email about Profit Clicking moving towards automation
and increased personalized support. They will close "temporarily" the 24/ welcome room and Abbey's Open House. I'm sorry but to me it sounds like they are slowly closing things down before shutting the site down completely....
We will see what is going to happen.
Things that are sure: 
- Profit Clicking is not paying
- Do not invest any money in it!
- Is it a Scam? I think it is. It's only up to them to change this: starting to pay their members ;)

Here is the email in case you missed it:
Over the next few weeks, we will be
implementing several improvements to
enhance your overall experience as a
Profit Clicking member.

The first is the release of our PC Gift
Cards. The response has been AMAZING!
Emails have been pouring in on how this is
building your teams and helping new
members get started in record numbers.

The second is our move toward automation
and increased personalized support. We
will begin modifying our support system by
temporarily closing Abby’s Open House and
the 24/7 Welcome Room. To specialize and
service your needs, we are committing
staff and resources to the Live Chat. .

Stay tuned as we continue to improve your
experience and maintain Profit Clicking’s
personal touch.

Remember! This is the month of love and we
want everyone to be a PC Giver!

Working for our wealth and success,

Your Profit Clicking Success Team

P.S. We challenge you to find any program
that's easier to make money with than
Profit Clicking.

P.P.S. Profit Clicking is likely to become
"the program everyone in the know joins."
If you join immediately, you can tell your
friends and contacts about it -- before
they join under someone else.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Where are my PC Panels?

Today I just logged into my Profit Clicking account to re purchase Ad Packages with my earnings and I noticed that they have added and info about your active and expired Ad Packages under "My Ad Packages". Here is the snapshot I just took:

So there I can perfectly see that I have 433 expired Ad Packs. This means that I should already be given over 100 PC Panels for those expired positions... right? (every 4 expired Ad Packages give you one PC Panel) To be more exactly about 108. But if I check my placed PC Panels...
See there? I only have 7 PC Panels placed so I'm missing 101 panels!! This is a potential $6000 (at $60 per PC Panel). 
Where are those PC Panels?
Are those going to be placed someday?
Are we going to be able to withdraw and earn something from Profit Clicking?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Profit Clicking site hacked?

I just started my computer and wanted to do my daily routine check of my Profit Clicking account when I found this while accessing the website:
I don't know what this all about and I'm not even sure if it is safe now to access the site. Maybe Profit Clicking has been hacked? I'll wait to get an email from the Profit Clicking staff before atempting to access the site!

Well... seems like the problem is not from Profit Clicking itself but from my own web browser :( I was looking for the problem in many forums but seems like that no one else has it.

Monday, February 4, 2013

My last transactions in Profit Clicking

Here is a snapshot of the last transactions made in my Profit Clicking account during the last few days:

Please, Doc, do something useful and start paying your members!! We are many members who are not earning a fortune but it would really help us out big time and if we could be able to withdraw our earnings we would also promote this business and make it grow.  Don't let Profit Clicking die, Doc!!