Thursday, February 21, 2013

Last update from Profit Clicking

Today I received this email about Profit Clicking moving towards automation
and increased personalized support. They will close "temporarily" the 24/ welcome room and Abbey's Open House. I'm sorry but to me it sounds like they are slowly closing things down before shutting the site down completely....
We will see what is going to happen.
Things that are sure: 
- Profit Clicking is not paying
- Do not invest any money in it!
- Is it a Scam? I think it is. It's only up to them to change this: starting to pay their members ;)

Here is the email in case you missed it:
Over the next few weeks, we will be
implementing several improvements to
enhance your overall experience as a
Profit Clicking member.

The first is the release of our PC Gift
Cards. The response has been AMAZING!
Emails have been pouring in on how this is
building your teams and helping new
members get started in record numbers.

The second is our move toward automation
and increased personalized support. We
will begin modifying our support system by
temporarily closing Abby’s Open House and
the 24/7 Welcome Room. To specialize and
service your needs, we are committing
staff and resources to the Live Chat. .

Stay tuned as we continue to improve your
experience and maintain Profit Clicking’s
personal touch.

Remember! This is the month of love and we
want everyone to be a PC Giver!

Working for our wealth and success,

Your Profit Clicking Success Team

P.S. We challenge you to find any program
that's easier to make money with than
Profit Clicking.

P.P.S. Profit Clicking is likely to become
"the program everyone in the know joins."
If you join immediately, you can tell your
friends and contacts about it -- before
they join under someone else.


  1. why is it profit clicking not paying in full payment on expired ad packages? they told us that every expired ad package we will earn $15. but they only pay me small and random amounts while at the EXPECTED TOTAL PAYMENTS are all $15

    when are they gonna pay us the full $15 every expired ad packages?

    does anyone had same problem as mine?

    1. The problem right now is that they are not paying but virtual money you are not able to withdraw... or at least this is what it seems like.

    2. A quick look via any web search will yield the same answers/comments:

      No one is receiving money nor legitimate answers from the company. Waited just over 2 months for first payout to have it scrubbed when the payout system was changed, waiting since the new systems for my/any payouts. Earning more now than I can possibly cash out - how absurd.

      New programs and staff always being added for no discernible change in function.

      People are saying nothing good about the program and many report having stopped recruiting.

      Side note:
      I have received a lot of funds through the PC Panels by cycled AD Paks


      Bottom line -> have not been able to W/D (cash out) any funds since it changed from JSS

      This is a common theme on the net these days.

    3. This is really a joke :( And now they want to add something new and I'm sure this is just another move to get new money into the program....

  2. I've zero cash flow. This "cyber money" which i have not been able to withdraw since "just been paid".Now i can't log on at all with the new security pin code

    1. Why can't you log in? You need to click on forgot pin and you will be able to reset it with your email account ;)

  3. the gr8est stock investor was Warren Buffett. Ask urself at this point in time what wud he do? Am sure he wud b positive. 4rm wat I observe U all are angry. I too I am. But if u av an eagle sight u wud know dat Proficlicking is not a scam. Most times we alow our emotions do d tinkin 4 us. Just bcoz we ar avin a dificult time widrawin our earnings is not a Yardstick to speak ill of PC. PC is here to stay. Wise investors knws dis time wnt last longer. I strongly believe PC wil fix dis technical issue. Nearly every1 is tryin 2 witdraw at d same time. SOON evrytin wil b fine.

    1. My friend, people tent to be negative if they don't see any good result for a certain period of time. I think PC should shut down and fix their problems before re-opening their site. The only thing I can see at this point is that they are making their members waste their time and get frustrated.
      Shut the site and fix all the problems you have!
      If you cannot fix it then do not come back!
      I'm sad about what is going on and really want the site to come back; I'm even still very hopeful that this site will pay again ;)

    2. Darlington, you are delusional. I have been in this program since back in the JustBeenPaid days (when I actually was paid) and ever since it became PC I have not been able to withdraw ANY money. I have almost $1,000 just sitting there and has been in the withdrawal queue for months after giving up on their stupid "bucket". My sponsor has over FIFTY THOUSAND that he can't withdraw. He has made only two w/ds and got lucky with the the tune of a whopping $150. $150!

      Ever since the change to PC all of the old JBP members got screwed, like for example only paying us 50% of what we were owed and on packs purchased from our earnings and the only way to earn 100% was to buy new packs. But if you were NEW, oh you got 100% of what you were owed. When they kept extending that stupid 3%/day deal and all of the new people started pouring money in it went to more new members so they could say they got paid and promote to get more new people in but us old people were swept under the rug and not paid because the truth is we were a liability in their ponzi.

      I REALLY hope you didn't sponsor anyone and if you did I hope you're not telling them to continue in this scam. It was pretty much over early in PC's existance. If you think people are just being negative for TELLING THE TRUTH then you need to stop being so gullible and read up on this information, especially their new spokesman "DOC" who was involved in illegal gifting schemes before. Please become educated and help your referrals do the same or else you'll be hosed over and over again.

      Oh BTW, Warren Buffet invested in REAL stocks, not a ponzi run by a bunch of scammers and the money he used was from his REAL business and REAL products which PC doesn't have (their "advertising" is bogus).

      So when will everything be fine? Because they've been saying that since Autumn of last year.

      ABANDON SHIP! You are not getting your money and if you do get a little you have to play their bucket game and just get REALLY lucky. The 24/7 room is GONE. There was no need for it to be shut down. They already censored it enough where you couldn't even see what other people were saying. They claimed it was for our "protection"...hmm, sounds like fascism to me!