Friday, February 22, 2013

New System in Profit Clicking??

I just read this email about a new system about to start with Profit Clicking in a few days:
New, Premium Ad Package System Coming!

- $10 per Ad Package
- 3% a day Daily Sales Commissions
- 10% and 5% Referral Commissions
- Multi-Site Advertising System
- Daily Withdrawals - up to $1,000 a day
  per payment processor
- No more full buckets
- No more withdrawal queue
- Same tested compensation plan
- Use your existing wallet funds
- Use your gift cards

All the components of an Amazing System

Launching within the next few days!

Tell your teams to GET READY!

And Keep Building Your Business!
So what about the actual Ad Packages we have already running?
No more full buckets and no withdrawal queue?
We have yet got a solution for the actual situation and now they want to bring in something that sounds that will only work with the new bought Ad Packages (fresh money?)...


  1. Wow,im so excited....I think we are all gonna be top earners of the month and get billions of dolars.even grand ma can make it¡¡¡ something incredible good is always happening everyday....hip hip hooray

    1. Me to... well, not really... I'm sick and tired of bullshit.... :(