Monday, February 18, 2013

Where are my PC Panels?

Today I just logged into my Profit Clicking account to re purchase Ad Packages with my earnings and I noticed that they have added and info about your active and expired Ad Packages under "My Ad Packages". Here is the snapshot I just took:

So there I can perfectly see that I have 433 expired Ad Packs. This means that I should already be given over 100 PC Panels for those expired positions... right? (every 4 expired Ad Packages give you one PC Panel) To be more exactly about 108. But if I check my placed PC Panels...
See there? I only have 7 PC Panels placed so I'm missing 101 panels!! This is a potential $6000 (at $60 per PC Panel). 
Where are those PC Panels?
Are those going to be placed someday?
Are we going to be able to withdraw and earn something from Profit Clicking?


  1. Where are the panels?Right where the money is...

  2. Proficlicking is a scam now. They do not pay anymore. I have more than $7000 wallet balance. Newbies beware of this scam.

    1. Yep.. no one should put money into this anymore....