Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Update on the withdrawal system

Did you got the new update from Profit Clicking about the "Green Light" withdrawal system? Looks like we don't have to guess when the bucket for each processor will be open and available to request our "very long awaited" money.
Have you checked it? I just did and .... everything is red ;(

So I guess now we have to be waiting till your desired processor gets green and then submit your withdrawal request as soon as possible before the limit for that period is reached.
In case you are blind, like me, as I did not see the "Green Light System" button:

Here is part of the email:
Another Very Exciting Update!

First of all, the long-awaited

Green Light System

has been implemented for withdrawals

This is fantastic!

No more guessing when the "bucket" is open
to request a withdrawal, because WE TELL

Each processor will be open several times
per day, and the Green Light System tells
you when to start your withdrawal request,
for each of the five current payment

Simply log in at

and click on "Green Light System".

While you’re there, feel free to view
other member’s advertising on our Traffic
Exchange, or visit our "Build My Business"
Marketing Training System.

You can also view some great training and
motivational videos!

But wait!

"The Green Light in the New System is

So now guess what:
I just got the green light on STP! And I clicked on withdraw and:
 No Way!!!! :(((


  1. PC is a wash ... dude ... forget them. They will never make it ... we've been screwed. I hope they can prove me wrong.

    1. My friend, that would be awesome :)

    2. do not hope for the good, Those m-th-r f-ckers will never come back. :@

  2. I am inclined to agree. The 'green light' seemed to be only active for a very short time, but I managed to fluke it only to find that the site was down -maybe it couldn't handle the demand of all the frustrated punters trying to get money out. "Everyone earns" sure, but no-one can get money out. Also what timezone are they in? Green light was open at 03:20:41 according to my login page.

    1. Yes, yesterday I tried fow about one hour and a half. There were over 1500 people on the site and most of them probably trying to witdraw. I got green lights twice: LR and Payza. But I did not manage to get into the bucket :(
      By the way: their server is GMT time zone ;)

  3. Do you know Fd Mann is opening a new company named Clickpaid?It's a feeder company.People will invest there,then Profitclicking will allow withdrawals for a few days.When they will allow withdrawals people may fund again.

    Next ....................
    Any one can understand what will happen next?

    1. Yes, I know about that new program and I've also heard about that the money there is going to be used for paying PC members but don't kniw if this is truth...

  4. I had the green light, tried to make a withdrawal to my payza account and still while the light was green told me that they had reached their limit and i will go into the general queue.

    Dodgy 'business'.

    1. Yes, I've also had several green lights but still not been able to get anlything out of there :( There is always that message with the limit being reached :(

  5. excuse me, isn't any way to advice the police, or similar? It is impossible to accept that a similar scam continue frauding millions of people with any problem! They cannot collect others' money without authorization

  6. the green light is fake, i dont think anybody has been able withdraw... I said so because i created a software which automatically request withdrawal every 5 seconds of the day on four payment payment processors. any time the green light shows, my software is able to request withdrawal up to 5 times before the light goes off, but i still get old message, BUCKET IS FULL..

    1. Same over here. I've requested many withdrawals while light was green but no way to get through....