Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Profit Clicking cheating on its members... again

I have to say that this new "Green Light" withdrawal system that our friend from Profit Clicking introduced just a few days ago is a complete joke. I've been waiting many times for the green light in any of the four processors I'm a member of. 

But every time I have a green light and I try to withdraw there is always the same message: Limit has been reached
I've even asked for a withdrawal in less then 10 seconds after green light many times a day and I can't come through :(
I'm sorry guys but I think this is just another try from Profit Clicking to mislead its members and keep them busy trying to withdraw money from a program that is not paying anymore ;(


  1. Ive given up ever trying to get my money out of this site. Its dead, im afraid.

  2. I hope they pay. Otherwise, why would they stay online and keep it's members busy? If you were a program that is "not paying" anymore, then you'd leave right? What would you're reason be for staying online if you're not even paying anymore?

    1. I was hoping they would pay, too. But unfortunately from my own testings and from what I've read in different forums no body has been able to withdraw any money with this new "Green Light" system :(
      Why do they stay online? Good question. I would love to say that it is because they are trying to get things fixed but I really think they are just trying to get the most new members to put fresh money into the program before the close down for good :(((
      I hope I'm wrong!!