Friday, March 1, 2013

Might this be truth?

I got this email and I thought I should pot it on my Profit Clicking Blog:
Hello there,

I wanna give you a information about Profitclicking you need to know.

Here is a Chat that I copied from my Skype to let u know:

MISTER X: Thanks I am already in clickpaid and a Founder I used to work for Frederick with JBP and Profit Clicking I was a Moderator in the Live chat PC-room for the past year I have been with JBP/PC for 2 years now.

[09:51:59] ?DinoT©?: ok cool so why don’t do PC don’t pay anymore
[09:53:52] MISTER X !!: PC having issues with their servers and are going to fix them from what I know PC may shut down to finish upgrades and fix the whole system once and for all.They been trying to fix it and stay open and running but too hard and too time consuming. So PC will shut down to fix it properly.
[09:54:43] ?DinoT©?: oh ok
[09:54:49] ?DinoT©?: thx for the info
[09:55:13] ?DinoT©?: is there any alert system out there that will inform you when u can start a withdrawal and get paid
[09:55:27] ?DinoT©?: in my case hundreds of panels missing
[10:01:47] MISTER X !!: You don't have any missing panels what is happening is that all panels have been being placed starting with the oldest members 1st and working their way up to the newest members
[10:02:18] MISTER X !!: there are Literally 10's of Million's of Panels to be placed and they have been being placed manually
[10:02:42] MISTER X !!: another reason for having to shut down PC for a bit and fix the servers once and for all
[10:03:08] MISTER X !!: when PC ordered the new super servers ? It took 6 months to get them right ?
[10:03:41] MISTER X !!: Well when PC finally got the new servers ? They were sent with the wrong damn Memory packages making them slower
[10:04:46] MISTER X !!: so it takes another 6 months to wait for the new memory packages which is about now or March so PC is about to get the new memory packages and fix the server system
[10:05:19] MISTER X !!: it will take time to do this and things will get back to normal it is somewhat of a mess right now but will get fixed.
[10:05:36] MISTER X !!: just keep intouch with me and I will do my best to keep you informed.


What do you think about this? Might it be truth? So it is possible that Profit Clicking shuts down for some time and then come back?  
Only time can tell....


  1. It's all bullshit, they've had more than enough time to fix things. I have not been able to make a withdrawal since September 2012.

    1. I have never made a withdrawal so far. I srarted with JBP in February 2012 and I submitted my first withdrawal request last December... :(