Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dear Profit Clicking: this is not fair

Today I logged into my Profit Clicking account to see this:
It reads: "Today's successful PREMIUM Withdrawals"
Do I really have to see this? I think this is something really unfair that the people who are buying premium ad packs are already able to withdraw money from the system while those of us who have money stucked in the old system are not able to withdraw any for month now. I really think they should have taken the time to fix the withdrawals problems for the "old" system instead of starting a new system while the other is now working for months.
I hope they really manage to fix the current system and start paying out to members what they owe them.


  1. The system must be a scam - no one can get their money out...
    Have you heard of anyone cashing out since the change from JSS - I have not (aside from this premium deal which might be fake listings, don't know)?

    I have over $2ooo cash/wallet and nearly 1000 active ads in the system - no way I put any new money into this until I can pull out any amount of cash.

    Be careful, but you will.

  2. It seems to me that PC turned into a big joke...They are laughing at us with this announcements of succesful premium withdrawals...I also hope we'll be able to withdraw,but my hopes are decreasing every day...

  3. Pc is starting to get on my last nerve with this withdrawal issue...they have time to make a gift card system and come up with this so called premium system.. but as mentioned previously members haven't been able to withdraw for months now..i truly hope that this isn't the only stream of income for some people ..if so, then they are in serious trouble because its no telling when and if the basic system will every pay its members...smh

  4. I agree - A royal slap in the face BUT on a posative side (if there is any at this point) I think it will relax the demand on the basic system and maybe the backlog of payments will loosen up? Don't get me wrong I won't hold my breath.....On the other side it might overload the withdrawals so people can put money in the new system.... Just doing my clicks and watching at the moment with my fingers crossed...

  5. Really? ??? There is no new system. Its only another attempt to get people to give them more money. If you put any more money in PC you need your head examined. I offer free training and resources for people to earn real money online not monopoly money. Your not alone PC got me too