Sunday, March 3, 2013

Profit Clicking Premium System about to launch

I've received this email form Profit Clicking telling us about the launch of the Premium System. There is a part of that email that specially got my attention:
a) You can use 20% of your existing wallet
funds to participate - that includes gift
card balances.

This enables you to send gift cards to
your referrals who would like to
participate in the premium service also -
this is great!

Initially, the premium system might not
have gift cards, but we can introduce them
soon after the launch.

b) Everyone gets 3% per day on their
purchases, 7 days a week - this is huge!

Make 150% on every dollar you spend on
advertising in just 50 days!
So I like the idea to be able and participate in the Premium System of Profit Clicking with some of the money we have stucked in our wallets. 

Here is another part of that email that cought my attention:
In a few weeks, we'll have the existing
withdrawal queue cleaned out and have TWO
fully functional,
income streams in Profit Clicking, and
many more to come!
Really? Let's see what is going to happen ;)


  1. I just found your blog and I too am wondering what is going on. Also for the last few days, the online support has "conveniently" been off so there is no one to complain to "live", as if it would even matter anyway. I've tried and get the same old scripted line. I'm not putting any more money in until I see some return!

    1. I'm not putting any money into this either... let's see what is going to happen