Friday, March 8, 2013

I contacted ProfitClicking support...

So, as I posted yesterday I contacted support to ask about the 20% we are able to use from our "old wallet" to use it in the new premium system. Here is what I was told:
(01:57:06) *** Juan joined the chat ***
(01:57:07) Juan: Hello, what do I need to do to be able to use 20% of my old wallet in the new system?
(02:37:42) Juan: Hello?
(02:41:02) *** Michelle joined the chat ***
(02:41:04) Michelle: Hello, I’m a representative with Member Services. I am excited to have the opportunity to work with you using our live chat system. How can I help you today?
(02:41:43) Juan: hi
(02:42:10) Juan: I want to know how can I use the 20% of my old wallet in the new system
(02:42:16) Michelle: You will have to fund your Premium Wallet with new funds first, or have existing commissions in your Premium account. Then you will be given the option to add Basic Wallet funds to your ad pack purchase, during the purchase. For every $8 in your Premium balances, you can use $2 from your Basic Wallet. You can only use 20% of your total Premium ad pack purchase from your Basic Wallet.
(02:43:11) Juan: Ok, thanks for your time :)
(02:43:41) Michelle: You're very Welcome! :)
(02:43:42) Michelle: I’ve appreciated our conversation today. I will now be ending our chat conversation. Our team is committed to providing you with extraordinary support. Thank you for being a valued member of Profit Clicking. If you have any further questions, you are welcome to come back to join us here in Live Chat, or you can submit a ticket by going to We strive for our members to have a great experience with our live chat feature. Would you be willing to rate your experience working with me using the options below. Thank you again for our conversation and have a great day.
(02:43:50) Juan: **** Great
(02:43:57) *** Michelle left the chat ***
(02:46:00) *** Juan left the chat ***
So as you can see all this great news about being able to use 20% of our old or basic wallet is not as shiny as many of us thought: for every $8 you add to your premium wallet you can use $2 from your basic wallet. For me that means that I have to add $800 to my premium wallet in order to use $200 (about 20%) of my basic wallet :( 
I think I'll wait till they clear the withdrawal queue ;)


  1. Whatever this ''clear'' means...

  2. Since JSS turned into PC I have not been able to withdraw any amount of money.

    Currently have a couple thousand $ in 'wallet' that is idle.

    So, they have lowered the W/D amount and will not process any W?D's

    Now they have a new system with a fancy name requiring people to deposit cash (new money) in order to be able to use any existing money that has been 'earned'.

    Bunch of crooks.

    I have yet to see anywhere online where people speak well of PC and no one has said they can/have cashed out - with drawn money.

    Anyone that puts money into this program is plain dumb.

    1. I really don't understand how they can start something new inside their same program if the old part of their program is not workng properly. As I wrote in one of my earlier posts, if they are realoy working to come back into business, they should close the site till they have everything fixed. If they are not working to fix the problems, they shuld close the site for good.
      I'm not referring any new members and my advise is to stay away from PC as it is not paying.

  3. And todays message message mentions - The fist profit shif is months away.... What happened end Nov 2012? was that not thier first profit shift? After putting a lot of money into this and not being able to withdraw since - I have done nothing but build the bussiness and I have yet to have a sucsesful withdral - Even "doc" has dissapeared - I must say I am very worried - My downline is screaming....I cannot with good concience contiune to promote this... Whats your take on the current situation?

    1. Yes, there was a Profit Shift in November. Still we have not received the PC Panels for that Profit Shift, not to mention the ones of the previous one and even the ones from the last restart when it was still JBP....
      I don't like what they have done, starting a "new" business inside their "old" one while the "old" one is not working. There is nothing we can do but wait a few more weeks to see what happens when they "clear" the withdrawal queue.... whatever this means...

  4. Should we continue in this industry?PC is a big lesson to all of us,'All that glitters is not GOLD'.

    1. Never give up my friend. This is just another stone in the way. Just make sure you never spend more money in these programs then you can afford to lose. Always earn your initial purchase back and then keep playing with your earnings ;) At least this is what I'm going to try from now on :)

    2. Well I think it would be a waste to just give up - One has to keep your side clear or you would miss out when things fall back in place - you must do your 3 clicks a day and upgrade when it must happen - Keep at it - maybe it is just a slump and things will get better - I want my initial investment back from PC so I will not do anything on my side to put that in danger. I will keep my side of the deal - Now it is for PC to do thier side..

    3. Sure thing Bradley, I'm still clicking and buying my adpacks. Even though I'm really pissed off with what is going on with PC I still have a little faith that it will start paying again ;)

  5. can you recommend us any programs that realy works and not a scam,is clickpaid ok,im hesitant cause its freddrick again,he might leave us again after what happen to pc

    1. Hello Warren, I can recommend Hourly Rev Share that seems to be working quite well. I've been reading in various forums and people are really talking gold of this program and the admin stuff. Visit my blog about this company:

      You can also find my referral link on that blog if you want to sign up ;)

  6. There is some info that the premium system is paying. There is a video on Youtube by a guy who walks us through this whole thing. I have posted it on my blog at

    I have tested it myself and have got my first payment via Payza within 30 hours!! Only the premium side though. I only put in 50 to "test" the waters and so far it's warm!

    1. Ok, Robert... so it seems that the premium side is paying while the "old" side is still in the dark :(
      Have you taken the option of using 20% of your "old" money to buy in the premium as well?

  7. I have been on where they have been posting their replys from support. They all sound about the same. Thanks for the blog. -Cheers

  8. Hi Juan,

    I'm in same boat with you. Not able to withdraw since PC is launched.
    Anyway if based on the conversation/chatting above, yea you can use 20% of your old account.
    I do think, maybe can try fund in small amount money, maybe 50 or 100?
    lets say 80, u can use 20 of your old wallet.
    When they pay, it actually accumulate your premium money, then you might continue use your 20%. At least better than nothing.
    Anyway 1st of all we need to make sure PC really pay for premium.