Thursday, March 21, 2013

Profit Clicking Update: Members being fooled?

I just got this update from Profit Clicking about the "Green Light" withdrawal system:
Welcome to all our new members!

Yes, if you've been waiting for the red
light to turn green, you're going to be
very happy to read this update!

During the last 24 hours, a record number
of withdrawals have been requested (and
paid), and during the next 24-48 hours,
we're expecting to pay out record numbers
of withdrawals also.

And this increase each day is expected
to last indefinitely!

One member said,

"Is something wrong with the bucket?,
everyone is reporting withdraws!"

Yes, this is what many have been waiting
for - the "proper" functioning of the
Profit Clicking System - and now it
has arrived!

Warning to greedy members:

Do NOT use automated services to request
a withdrawal from Profit Clicking,
sometimes referred to as "bots" - if we
determine that you have done so, your
account will be blocked for an indefinite
period of time.
So everyone is reporting withdrawals? Well... I have not yet managed to get one even though I've had green light many many times, still have 4 pending payments in my account since January... 

What about the Premium System? Here is what they said about this:
Think about this analogy:

You are an owner of a store that has been
open for a few years and the sales have
slowed down - this is often a typical
occurrence in business, for various

Even though you still have your regular
customers, the excitement of having a
new place to go to shop would attract
many new customers, right?

You don't sell the business and tear
down the building, right? You love your
business, the location and the customers.

So you devise a plan to expand!

Your new establishment is built, you
use the same staff, the same concept,
the same products, but with a fresh,
new look and more updated merchandise.
And your Grand Opening, is a huge

Now you can take the extra revenues
from your strong, new income stream
and renovate the original store,
balancing out what it was lacking,
regenerating steady and strong sales.

And NOW you have 2 fully operational
income streams that will carry on for
years to come!

Profit Clicking has done just that!

You now have two, viable, fully
operational income streams, the original
Basic Ad Package system and the new
Premium Ad Package system.
Fully operational??  Not for me and not for many other members you can find in any forum where there is a topic about Profit Clicking...

About the PC Panels:
- You have a Panel system in your Basic
account. The more Ad Packages you own,
the more Panels you will fill and complete,
earning you up to $60 for each completed
panel - remember that 50% of your expired
Ad packages will fill your OWN Panels,
so it is important to keep that wheel
turning. Also keep up with your
Accelerator purchases in your Basic Panels,
to get those prepared for filling.
Well, I have to say that after 3 restarts I only have 7 PC Panels even though it shows 554 expired Ad Packs in my account!

These king of emails from Profit Clicking just make me feel like they are fooling me...


  1. They are not paying simply. Making fool people to recycle money. Also, they do not reply answers related to withdrawal

  2. My sponsor told me that the only way to get our money is to transfer funds from the basic system to the premium system and withdraw that way..supposedly the premium system is paying members within 24-48 hours..the only problem is you have to fund the premium system through your payment processor in order to transfer funds from the basic system to the premium system.. i think im going to try and see what happens

    1. Thats exactly what my sponsor wrote to me just today! He is receiving the payouts within the given time frame... I didn't want to do that but I'm thinking of giving it a try.

  3. received a reply within 3 hours today re: withdrawals

    Here is the text of the reply:

    Hello Michael,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Profit Clicking's goal is to provide a better experience to all of our members. We are always looking for ways to improve our member's satisfaction. PC has every intention in paying its members all withdrawal requests in their Basic account system.

    Kindly allow us more time to process your 5 withdrawal requests pending in the Queue.

    We launched the new Premium system to help revitalize the program. Once the program is revitalized, withdrawal requests from both the Old or Basic system and the New premium system will be up-to-date.

    Watch the new Green Light System closely, as we are already increasing the daily bucket limits which means more room for Bucket withdrawals.

    In a few weeks, we’ll have the existing withdrawal queue cleaned out and have TWO fully functional, best-money-making-systems-of-the-decade.

    Healthy growth promotes more money and prosperity for everyone, so get ready for great times ahead for Profit Clicking!

    Thank you and regards!

    The idea is grand ( guess they could not figure out the old method JSS used to usurp funds for the general account.

    In theory the idea is fine. In practice, time shall be the judge.

    Below find the text of my inquiry:


    The premium members w/d systems seems to be working great from day one.

    Obviously no problems there.

    I have been able to w/d any amount of funds since JSS became ProfitClicking.
    Stories & excuses are plentiful yet results are unavailable.

    Having a tremendous amount of time, effort & money invested in this system I expect some results. My simply request to w/d money is seemingly unacceptable as no funds have been released.

    I have had many requests made since the inception. A while back they were deleted and the w/d limits reduced. OK, so I reset my w/d - nearly 2 months later I am still waiting having received nothing more than idle talk about how there is not problem. Stories abound online and with the people I know confirming I am not alone with the problem of profit clicking NOT allowing withdrawals.

    This must be addressed in a professional manor. Why has profit clicking generated a new system (that requires 80% additional funds) yet cannot pay out to their committed supporters of the past?? This is absurd and quite far from the professed professional level of service PC has claimed.

    My statistics show I have a very sizable amount of money invested & on hand yet none of it is actionable for withdrawal.

    **Please tell me a way I can (actually, really, no BS)obtain funds from this system that have been earned.**


    ProfitClicking real or fake?

    No idea but I have been building my wallet balance for some time now only cycling a small portion of funds to ad paks, mostly out of spite.

  4. This is the last one from our beloved friends of PC... they have erased the ticket support...It was useless but still it was something where you could actually complaint.
    On the other hand it is impossible to get new ad packs for the new and marvellous premium system with our old fashioned monopoly money from the basic_and_useless wallet. Wow ,I really love this website. Can anybody please do something?I already made a complaint on the FBI´s internet crime dep. but still these people is stealing money from new inocent people.
    Any lawyer out there?????

  5. Sun, Mar 24 2013 02:59
    Hi there,
    how can I get ad packs from the new system using funds from my basic wallet money?you advertise that we can use money from there but actually there is no way to do it.Can you please explain me how it works?
    Sun, Mar 24 2013 03:06 - Darrell C.
    Hello Andres,

    Thank you for inquiry regarding how to purchase Premium Ad Packages with Basic funds.

    In order to participate in the Premium System and buy Premium Ad Packages, you need to have Premium funds. Funds can be added to your Premium Wallet from one or more of the five pay processors using the same method you would follow to fund your Basic Wallet.

    You cannot fund your Premium wallet from your Basic funds(wallet/Gift Card) or transfer from your Basic wallet funds to your Premium wallet.

    The Premium System is a separate system and requires separate money by default. But for the benefit of our valued members, it is currently setup for members to be able to pay 20% of the Total cost of Premium Ad Package(s) to purchase.

    With this setup, you can even utilize all (not just 20%) of your basic funds to purchase new Premium Ad Packages. Example, if you have $10 total Basic Funds, you can just fund your Premium Wallet with $40 and you will be able to buy 5 Ad Packs which is worth $50. You will then pay it with $10 (20%) from your Basic Funds and the remaining balance ($40 on this case) will be paid from your Premium Funds.

    If you would like to use any of your Basic funds towards the purchase, check the box by the side of whichever Basic funds(wallet/Gift Card) you wish to use. Then enter the amount of Basic funds to use. Avoid using any symbols in these boxes.
    while buying premium adpacks you can choose to use basic funds to contribute to up to 20% of the purchase price.

    Please make sure that you have selected your Premium Account. To access your Premium System Dashboard just click on the "Switch To Premium Ad Package System" button, in green, which can be found just above the Ad Packages and PC Panels tables.

    Again, you can't pay Premium Ad package purchase with Basic Funds only. You will also not be able to manually transfer funds between your 2 wallets. The system will do this for you at the time of purchase.

    If you have any other concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us again.

    Thank you for contacting Profit Clicking Member Services and have a great day!

    Darrell C.,
    Member Services
    Help us serve you best. Please rate this reply. ExcellentVery GoodGoodNot GoodPoor
    Sun, Mar 24 2013 03:16
    Ok then,so basically you are saying that I can do NOTHING with my old basic money.
    -I can NOT witdraw it (it´s been 3 months in the que,cancelled from your side after taking your comission of course,and then it´s been two months already waiting again with no news about it,giving me a grant total of 0 $ in 5 months)
    -I can NOT get any money from that green light system ( I tried many times and even if it is green you definetly can NOT get any money from there neither)
    BUT, I´m very wellcome to give you more money with new fundings,right?
    Yes¡¡ PC is definetly the ultimate solution for me....I will highly recommend it to ayone who wants to loose his money¡¡

  6. Useless live chat¡¡¡¡¡

    Now online: Our team is committed to providing excellent support to our members. All of our friendly Member Support Agents are currently online and excited to assist you.
    Please wait while our agents attend to you. There are currently 21 visitor(s) waiting to be served.
    Ok,i´s been half an hour waiting for you very proud of your website.i never had so many monopoly money in my life.thank you very much.everyday something REALLY REALLY good is happening here¡
    have a nice day

    By the are being eliminated from the website but if you check in your old tickets in your email you can still reply there¡¡¡

    1. I posted about this as well... it took me over 50 minutes to get someone to chat to me....

  7. Hi Juan,

    There is this other sites where all PC members get to chat and update each other of what is happening with PC.

    Here's the link:

    I just got an e-mail from the administrator that he had successfully made 3 withdrawals yesterday using the "Green Light".

    so it looks like they are finally paying out now.

    I'm gonna give it a try.

    1. Thanks for the link!
      Last 2 days 8've not been able to access the withdrawal site due to maintenance... Lets wait and see :)

  8. look this..

    Green light system fake fake fake!!!

    1. Yep, I got that error as well many times yesterday while trying to withdraw. Even though it is confusing me as there are members in different forums who are starting to get payments ... not premium payments but basic ones... Is Profit Clicking picking up again??

  9. Do we have to fund from Payment Processor to Premium Account.. is it right?

    Cannot we use basic account's wallet money?

    1. No, before you can use money from your basic account you have to add funds to the premium wallet. Then you can use money from the basic wallet. As the example they gave me you can add $80 to the premium wallet and then you can use $20 from your basic wallet.

  10. I got green light for payza and egopay again.. see what i got message :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@

  11. WARNING:
    Do NOT use automated services to request a withdrawal from Profit Clicking, sometimes referred to as "bots" - if we determine that you have done so, your account will be blocked for an indefinite period of time.

    Can anyone tell me what is automated services?

    1. Automated Services are programs that automatically click to try and withdraw the money from the program every few seconds without the need for you to be in front of your computer.

  12. pc is paying again i ve received my payment

    1. That's great! Did you get the payment from the queue or from the green light system?

    2. yesterday they paid me ,
      today my account is blocked

    3. No, you are joking! Why should they do that if you were paid from the queue??

    4. i m surprised. i didnt violate any term or condition.
      i submitted a ticket. lets see what happens

  13. has any one ever receive payment over the last two months through the queue system from the basic

    1. NO it hasn't be paid and profitclicking is making money for themselves and scamming us. And this is big scam because when i try to withdraw from green light system.. it is really absurd as and when immediately it turns green and request for withdraw it says Limit exceeded and this is really bullshit for making fool of our investments

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. I have $300 in my basic wallet.. Can I utilize $300 for premium?

    1. You can use a part of your old wallet money by putting in fresh money into the premium wallet. As an example:
      If you add $80 to your premium wallet you can use $20 from your basic wallet. This way you have $100 in the premium and you can purchase 10 ad packs.

  16. It could be true that they want to get rid of old members and old withdrawals.

    1. I'm starting to think this as well. Not that they want to get rid of the "old" members, but they want to get rid of the basic account. I think that the only way to get some of your money stuck in the basic wallet is going into the premium system....

  17. Hi Juan,

    I just managed to make 2 withdrawals even though the lights are red. The 2 pay processor I used are Payza and STP.

    1. That's great!
      I've tried many times with both green and red light but I do not manage to get through. I'll keep trying ;)

  18. I wonder if someone here could help me. I recently upgraded my account to level 1 so that my expired ad packages can turn into PC panels. How long does it take for expired ad packages to turn into PC panels? I have 26 packages that have expired AFTER I upgraded to level one, which means I should have 6 PC panels, but they all still say "waiting for conversion".

    1. I'm sorry to give you the bad news but I have over 600 expired positions and only 7 panels placed ... I should already have over 100 PC Panels!! Panels are not being placed and withdrawals are not being processed or they are just doing selective payments. It seems like right now only premium ad packs are really paying out...

  19. hi this is a very nice blog :)

    How many days shall I wait to transfer the money to my processor? I withdraw $150 last April 10, I haven't received it until now. I'm using Payza.

    Thanks much :)

    1. Thanks for your nice comment :)

      So my question for you is:
      Have you requested that payment from your Profit Clicking basic account or from your premium account?
      My premium account payout took about four days.
      My basic account payouts have been waiting to be processed for over 4 months and no money send yet :(