Monday, July 29, 2013

ACX now owns ClickPaid!

Hi there friends!

Have heard about the "great" news? 
To our valued member of Click Paid, now ACX,

A corporate spokesman for Ad Click Xpress (ACX)
has announced the acquisition of the online
advertising company Click Paid. All assets, program
codes and membership organizations will be
integrated into the ACX system over the coming
days and weeks. Members of Click Paid should take
comfort in knowing the advertising money and
earnings they have in Click Paid will transfer to ACX
intact, and the integrity of their down line
organization will continue uninterrupted.

Ad Click Xpress is a multinational organization, with
tremendous executive experience in the online
advertising industry and strong financial backing.
The decision was made to merge the two companies
after reviewing the compliant nature of their
advertisement bidding program and the remarkable
computer code that was developed to run Frederick
Mann's powerful money-making algorithm.

In June of 2013, Ad Click Xpress also acquired Profit
- the executive team at ACX was convinced
that this company also held tremendous opportunities
for expanding their market share in the online
advertising industry. Now with this most recent news,
along with the memberships of Profit Clicking and
Click Paid, ACX is poised to be the dominant player
in one of the fastest growing industries on the web.

Current members of Click Paid are encouraged to
watch for further details in the coming days in order
to complete a seamless migration into the Ad Click
system. Rest assured that all monies earned
in Click Paid will transfer into a separate wallet for
use in the new program. The ACX team understands
why you joined Click Paid in the first place and will
work hard to ensure that your financial dreams will
continue to expand.

To Your Success,

ACX Executive Team
So we now have to migrate our ClickPaid account as well.. lol!
I don't know what is going on but this really seems like a joke. As our fellow member "Aly" wrote in a comment a few days back their "Million Dollar Challange" is not even worth one cent ;P Their businesses are going down the drain all by themselves so it is just a matter of time that ACX follows the same path.... 
Watch out for your money!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Negative Payments?

Hi there Friends!

Today I logged into my Ad Click Xpress Account and the first thing that jumped into my eyes was a message telling that my daily earnings for today are -$0.30... WTF?!?!

then I saw this in the Message center:
Support News
July 24th 2013

Reconciliation of Overpayment in Some Accounts

In the last 24 hours, there was a small number of members that had experienced their Daily Sales Commissions paid less than what was expected.

A temporary reduction is needed in order to reconcile error(s) that had occurred in the last 24 hours in these accounts that involved the expired Ad Package purchased with the $10 Test Drive and/or some transferred Premium Ad Packages.

Those affected will see on their Ad Packages table, that even though the Ad Package(s) had expired, they had continued to earn beyond the $15.00 and that the “Balance of Payment” is in negative.

To reconcile the overpayment, the affected accounts will have the overpayment deducted from at least 1 run of Daily Sales Commissions, without having to put accounts into negative or cancel withdrawals that may have been requested during the time the error occurred. Once the account is restored to its correct balance, your Daily Sales Commissions will resume to pay as scheduled.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

To your Continued Success,

The Ad Click Xpress Support Team
Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ACX working Hard

Hi there friends!

Just wanted to share with you some changes I've noticed in the last couple of days.
First, Ad Click Xpress has added two new buttons to the Dashboard:
The ACX is Paying button:
This forwards you to a page where a lot of Hyip Monitors are posting the "Paying" status of ACX. This strategy was used in the last few month of Just Been Paid to try and attract new members from other areas: High Yield Investment Programs. I think this did work out as long as they kept paying the members ;P
Of course as soon as the monitors start posting the "Not Paying" status this strategy went down the sewers...

The other button is the "Compensation Plan":
Here they have a detailed explanation of their compensation plan and referral program. It is funny to see how they tell you that you can earn up to $5000 per referral when they have a daily withdrawal limit on all the processors so there is no way you will be able to withdraw not even 10% of that money...

So how good is that? 

The other change I've noticed is that I've been checking the Global Representatives site several times and I was really wondering how it was possible that there was only one person shown from Latvia for quite some time. How was that possible that with the huge members that are working with ACX only one Global Representative is available? Well, today I checked back and voila... about 16 Global Representatives are now shown under the "Get Help in your Language".
My message for those people: Buckle up and sit tight because sharp curves are coming your way ;)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Purchased my first ACX Ad pack

Hi there friends!

Just a short post to let you know that today I was able to purchase my first Ad Click Xpress Ad Package with my earnings and the 30% money from my Profit Clicking premium money
If you have not followed my story I received a free position in ACX, just like everybody else when the program started, and a position that was transferred from my Profit Clicking Premium account. Today my earnings reached $7.30 so I checked the option of purchasing a new ad pack. Certainly the option was there and the system automatically checked the check-box to use 30% from my premium account. So I now have 3 ad packages.

So please, this doesn't mean that I'm happy with ACX... far from it. I'm just working my way to try and get back any money I can get. 
Good luck!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

ACX Needs your help!

Hi there Friends!

Got this email this morning from ACX, aka Profit Clicking, about them needing our help. They want us to join their social media sites and make some good promoting to get the business "Sky Rocket" so we can earn more money. Sure thing... but I'm not going to do this :P

They also started this stupid "Global Representative" bull shit thing. Best way to make you look like a fool in front of the whole Ad Click Xpress membership. I have to say that I got quite exited in first place as, many of you already know, I was thinking about getting a Representative back when it was still Profit Clicking...
This morning, after reading about they having Global Representatives positions open, I took a deep breath and thought twice: How would I look like if I was accepted? Like a complete fool! 
The I read about the benefits you would get and what you should be doing as a Global Representative and it's not worth it. Absolutely not as you know how this is going to end. 
I remember wanting to become a Global Representative in Profit Clicking just to take the chance to request a payout and see if I actually get paid that way... I refused as I thought this would be a bad way to do it and this is also why I'm going to refuse becoming a representative this time with ACX. Anyway you are also required to defend ACX in forums and wherever it is necessary and this would be against my whole blog here :P
There sure will be other people ready to be fooled and look like idiots defending a program that will end up scamming thousands of people all over the world.

Not with Me!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Our PC Panels....

Hi there friends!

I just logged into my ACX account and got quite surprised when seeing my dashboard:
Just to explain what has happened:
When our money from PC was transferred a few days back, I had a little over $2K in my basic wallet and about $180 in my premium wallet. As you can see from the image above, I now have almost $12K in basic and $1.1K in my premium wallet. How is that? Read the following update:
Instead of providing you with Panels from the PC Premium ProfitShift, your Premium Account Balance will be increased to the equivalent of the total Rebates of your Panels that you were to receive from the last Premium Profitshift - some of this has already been completed.

To review compare the values you see in ACX with those in PC, do the following:

1) Click on the Premium ProfitShift Center in your PC account and examine the “Potential Earnings after the Premium Profit Shift” table at the bottom.

2) Review the Basic and Premium Migration Pages and multiply the number in the “Premium Panels (Qty)” column X $60 to calculate the conversion of your Panels, which will be transferred into your Premium Wallet balance.

For example, if the Premium ProfitShift had given you potentially 100 Panels, this conversion would give you: 100 Panels X $60 = $6,000

Remember, you can use the Premium Wallet to contribute to your purchases of ACX Ad Packages. All Basic and Premium Balances will be updated similarly as soon as possible, with the expected earnings of panels from all past PC ProfitShifts, so get ready!

To Your Continued Support
The Ad Click Xpress Support Team
So... our PC Panels have been converted to "Money" and transferred to our respective wallets, so no Panels will be transferred from Profit Clicking to Ad Click Xpress; No surprise, huh?
I don't know how many panels I had in my basic account as since the transition from Just Been Paid to Profit Clicking I had Panels left behind that have never been updated in my back office. My Premium PC Panels transferred should be 22 but if you do the numbers this doesn't match: 22 x 60 = $1320. Adding the $180 I had in my account does not make the current amount shown in my ACX dashboard. Anyway I don't even have to bother about this as I won't be able to purchase any ad packages with this money :(

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why is everyone so exited?

Hi there friends!

Got this email from Ad Click Xpress, aka Profit Clicking, with the title "amazing Exitement - Are you on board?
Here is a part of that email in case you missed it:
Welcome to all our new members!

That’s right, the growth in revenue
over the last couple of days has
been huge - thanks to everyone who
has put their trust in Ad Click Xpress!

Why is everyone so excited?

Maybe it’s because you can earn up to
300% in sales commissions and rebates
for every dollar you spend on advertising.

Or maybe it’s because you can earn up
to $5,000 a day per referral, on any
advertising they purchase, and up to
$2,500 a day for level 2 purchases.

Or maybe it’s because the Ad Click Xpress
compensation plan has been tested and
refined over the last 2-3 years, and - one of those not paying!
happens to be the best there is on the
Internet - there is nothing that compares!

Or maybe many members have gotten over
the shock of Profit Clicking being closed,
and they’re now happy that Ad Click Xpress
has actually taken over all losses they
experienced in Profit Clicking - Yeah! Right... >:(
I'm far from being exited. After all my basic money and even my premium money I spend just a few month back in the "new" premium system is only good to purchase views in the ACX exchange and all of my premium ad packs have been matured and only one transferred to ACX... How could I be exited about this? 
Not only that, they state that their compensation plan has been refined over the last 2-3 years. At least half of the last year they did not pay any money to their members... Still I see people advertising ACX on traffic exchanges! What the hell...
Also: "...and now they are happy that Ad Click Xpress has actually taken over all losses they experienced in Profit Clicking" - What!?!?! You are just scammed us, not helped us! I don't have access to my money, not even the money I put into the system. Money I put in, you took and now it's not there anymore. All the money I put in just gave me one position that will "eventually" earn me $15 ... if there is no restart before it expires and then I have nothing... again. 
Why the hell are people advertising this site? Why are they dragging other people back into something that will keep scamming again and again? STOP misleading people into ACX. Stop joining ACX! Do not put money into ACX. They will scam you the same way JBP and Profit Clicking did >:(

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Premium Money transferred...

Hi there Friends.

Today I got this email from Profit Clicking or Ad Click Xpress:
Welcome to all our new members!

That's right, all ACX members have
full access to their Profit Clicking
Earnings now, through Ad Click Xpress!

Here's how to get them:

1) Determine how many earnings you
were to receive from Profit Clicking
before it closed in June, by logging
in to ACX at

and viewing "My Wallet".

2) Multiply that number by

3.33 for the PC Premium System
10.0 for the PC Basic System

3) The answer is how much money
you need to spend on advertising
in ACX to get immediate access to
all your PC funds.

Here is an example using ACX to get
access to PC Premium Funds:

1) You have 100 of earnings you did
not receive from the PC Premium

2) You multiply that by 3.33

3) giving you the amount of $333

So you'll need to fund your ACX
account with $333 in order to claim
this $100 of PC Premium System money
in its entirety.

This will give you a total of $433
in ad packages in ACX, which will
eventually pay you up to three times
as much as that back, in daily sales
commissions and panel rebates - that
means a total of over $1,200!

Note: you can also fund your ACX account
with a smaller amount and claim a
smaller portion of PC funds initially,
then claim more at a later date, even
after you receive and spend daily saies
and referral commissions.

That's it - this is so easy!

So Contact All Your Referrals!
Ok, so now I have 2 active ad packs in ACX and a lot of money I can only buy ads with.
Referring to their email, if I want to use the whole money I had in my Profit Clicking account I have to multiply my basic money with 10 and my premium money with 3.33 to know how much I need to invest in new ad packages to able to use all of the money in my wallet:
Basic - $2281,94 x 10= $22819,40
Premium - $156,20 x 3,33= $520,15

This means that I have to put into ACX just $23K to be able to use all the money Profit Clicking has not paid me and "eventually" make that money back :) lol...

I will not put a dime into ACX. I'll keep working with my free and the one position transferred from my premium account and that's it. Once ACX closes down, maybe next year, I'm done with this...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

99%... huh!?

Hi again!

Just another awful surprise from our Profit Clicking friends...
As someone in my previous post commented his account was already updated with the Premium Profit Shift I checked mine back as quick as I could just to find out that they've left me with just one (1) active ad package after a 99% conversion :( Here is the pic:
This means that I went from over $17 per day to $0.20 and this active ad package I've got left will earn me $13, not even the $15 as it seems they took the days it has "made" me money in Profit Clicking even though I cannot use that money. They also added $81 to my account balance but as you already know, from my last post, we will only be able to use up to 30% of that money in Ad Click Xpress
What will happen with the PC Panels the owe me now? Basic PC Panels have all been lost, even all the ones I had pending in JBP. Those never made me a dime. All the JBP JSS Positions never where transferred to Profit Clicking. Basic PC Panels were never placed even though I should have received a few hundreds. Now, from the premium Profit Shift I should get 22 PC Panels but... ACX has not yet their panels ready to go and there is no info in their last email about what is going to happen with those PC Panels... not even the Premium Profit Clicking has managed to set up their PC Panels!!

So to make it short:
  • My 58 positions have been cut down to 1 (99%)
  • I went from $17 per day to $0.20
  • No info about what is going to happen with my pending PC Panels
  • Money in my premium account is only available to purchase new positions by adding fresh money to ACX (30%): means I need $7 fresh money to be able to use $3 from my premium balance in ACX...
What now?

Finally some Info...

Hi there friends!
 Finally we hace received some info about what is going to happen with our Profit Clicking premium stuff:
Ad Packages remaining active after the profit shift will be transferred and keep earning $20 per day.
Premium Funds will be transferred but only 30% will be availabe to purchase new packages just like the basic funds, even though basic is only at 10%.
Here is a part of the email in case you missed it:
Welcome to all our new members!
That's right, the Internet is talking
about Ad Click Xpress, and you haven't
seen anything yet! Why wouldn't it be
the most exciting thing on the web?
ACX pays up to 300% back on purchases
ACX is indefinitely sustainable
ACX pays daily withdrawals
ACX is for everyone
What else is more important than that?
But first a table of contents:
1) PC Premium Profit Almost Completed
2) New Migration FAQs
3) Read about the Profit Clicking Story
4) U.S. Members - Take Your Funds Out!
5) Withdrawals within 24-48 hours!
6) How to use your PC Basic Funds
7) ACX Panel System Coming Very Soon!
8) Contact All Your Referrals
9) Take full advantage of Ad Click Xpress
Now let's get on with an exciting update!
1) PC Premium Profit Almost Completed
Yes, the Profit Clicking Premium Profit
Shift has been almost completed - in
about 48 hours, you should see its
results in the ACX Member Area.
Here are more details:
a) The ProfitShift for the Premium System
has already been completed - all ad
packages not affected by the ProfitShift
will be simply transferred to Ad Click
Xpress (ACX) and will continue to earn
up to 20 cents a day per ad package.
b) Also the account balances in the
Premium System will be transferred to
ACX soon - and then you will be able to
buy ad packages in ACX with up to 30% of
your Premium Funds for each purchase,
not just 10% like everyone is currently
doing with their PC Basic Funds, but 30%!
c) No, it will not be allowed to use
both 10% from PC Basic and 30% from
PC Premium for one purchase - you will
have to choose to either use PC Basic
or Premium funds.
2) New Migration FAQs
The new FAQs for the migration from PC
to ACX are now posted on the Dashboard
in the Member Area - we'll be adding
more as we go!
3) Read about the Profit Clicking Story
Did you read about what happened to Profit
Clicking? There is new information with
lots of details at
It answers so many questions like
- why did Profit Clicking close?
- where did the money in my account go?
- why was everything so complicated?
- is it important to know what happened?
- what is JustBeenPaid?
- why was the Profit Clicking site down a lot?
- what do I do now?
It's a must-read for everyone, so please
forward it those who need their questions
- to your referrals
- to your friends and family
- to people who need some assurance
- to people who think they lost money
This link could significantly help many
people get back on board - unfortunately
there were many problems experienced in
Profit Clicking, and this web page tells
it all, so you don't have to guess!
4) U.S. Members - Take Your Funds Out!
That's right, if you are a U.S. citizen,
you might want to do this now, before
you forget...
For any of the following payment processors:
Perfect Money
Each of these payment processors have made
it known that they may no longer be
supporting U.S. customers as they used to
sometime in the near future, probably due
to U.S. regulatory activity being increased
over the past few months - contact each
payment processor or visit their web site
for details.
What's the best solution for this problem?
Simply fund your Ad Click Xpress Account with
any funds you have left in these accounts and
buy ad packages in ACX as soon as possible.
At a later date, you can request a withdrawal
with a different payment processor like
SolidTrust Pay, after your advertising money
pays out 150% in commissions, right?
It's a win-win for everyone!
5) Withdrawals within 24-48 hours!
That's right, anyone with money in their ACX
account can request withdrawals daily, and
expect to see the money arrive at their
payment processor within 24-48 hours - read
more about this in the previous update:
6) How to use your PC Basic Funds
There are currently two ways to use your
Basic System Funds brought over from Profit
a) Buy 10% more advertising packages with any
funds you have in the ACX Wallet.
b) The second way to already use your PC
Basic Funds is to buy pure advertising.
More details are in the previous update:
7) ACX Panel System Coming Very Soon!
The last tests on the ACX Panel System
are being done as you read this E-mail,
so get ready for some big excitement,
as you turn $20 of advertising into
$60 in rebates, in very short order,
especially during the first weeks of
this major launch!
So what will I do from now on?
I will keep working with the active ad packages I'll receive from premium PC. I'm not thinking about useng new funds in Ad Click Xpress so I'll have to think a way how to be able to use the premium money I'll get once they are finished with the profit shift.