Sunday, July 7, 2013

Premium Money transferred...

Hi there Friends.

Today I got this email from Profit Clicking or Ad Click Xpress:
Welcome to all our new members!

That's right, all ACX members have
full access to their Profit Clicking
Earnings now, through Ad Click Xpress!

Here's how to get them:

1) Determine how many earnings you
were to receive from Profit Clicking
before it closed in June, by logging
in to ACX at

and viewing "My Wallet".

2) Multiply that number by

3.33 for the PC Premium System
10.0 for the PC Basic System

3) The answer is how much money
you need to spend on advertising
in ACX to get immediate access to
all your PC funds.

Here is an example using ACX to get
access to PC Premium Funds:

1) You have 100 of earnings you did
not receive from the PC Premium

2) You multiply that by 3.33

3) giving you the amount of $333

So you'll need to fund your ACX
account with $333 in order to claim
this $100 of PC Premium System money
in its entirety.

This will give you a total of $433
in ad packages in ACX, which will
eventually pay you up to three times
as much as that back, in daily sales
commissions and panel rebates - that
means a total of over $1,200!

Note: you can also fund your ACX account
with a smaller amount and claim a
smaller portion of PC funds initially,
then claim more at a later date, even
after you receive and spend daily saies
and referral commissions.

That's it - this is so easy!

So Contact All Your Referrals!
Ok, so now I have 2 active ad packs in ACX and a lot of money I can only buy ads with.
Referring to their email, if I want to use the whole money I had in my Profit Clicking account I have to multiply my basic money with 10 and my premium money with 3.33 to know how much I need to invest in new ad packages to able to use all of the money in my wallet:
Basic - $2281,94 x 10= $22819,40
Premium - $156,20 x 3,33= $520,15

This means that I have to put into ACX just $23K to be able to use all the money Profit Clicking has not paid me and "eventually" make that money back :) lol...

I will not put a dime into ACX. I'll keep working with my free and the one position transferred from my premium account and that's it. Once ACX closes down, maybe next year, I'm done with this...


  1. I also have 2 adpacks and $46 in premimum. I'll also not put any money. But with given adpacks, can we buy another adpack(after a month)? Will it reach to $10? Is there any more game?

    Clickpaid is a scam now(Frederick Mann)
    ACX will not last longer(Profitclicking)

    1. Well, we work with just 2 ad packs. Once my account reaches $10 I'll purchase a new one... well, once I have $9 so I can check if I'm allowed to use $1 from my PC basic account. Maybe I also try earlier to see if I can use the money from premium even though I dobt I can use any of this money as it is supposed to be used just with new funds... Anyhow I'll try.
      From there I'll work my way up. Hope we can make it to withdraw a few times before ACX says goodbye...

  2. So happy to see you finally say you will not put any $$ into this latest scam version (I cashed out profit/money to cover my losses early days of JSS).

    must put in 333% to access any $$ from JSS! What a laugh!

    having about $5ooo in jss cash that will never happen. Money I saved to cover the upcoming profit shift which really hurt the previous time.

    10x the amount wanted if going to premium - LOL

    my first thought was how many fools will make it to cash anything out b4 the next profit shift hits eating all their new money as well as the money from jss.

    Had these clowns kept with the original program designed by Mann this would be working fine.

    Thanks for your blog tracking jss!

    1. Hello George,

      thanks for your comment!
      Yes, I remember how I saved my earnings when they told us about the last restart in JBP. I didn't want to withdraw money to have funds to purchase those upgrades to cycle those matrices faster. Then I nevet received them, migration to Profit Clicking and all that shit that followed we all know about...
      I know I will not make my lost money back but I hope that I can earn at least something back ;)

  3. Juan this is how these scammers keep going they know people will put money in hoping to retrieve lost money, there is so much bad publicity about ACX they could never survive,
    I have a support ticket asking simple questions at ACX relating to my basic wallet, I asked them to answer my question yes or no only with no bullshit and don't send me the newsletter answer because I have read it, so 10 days no answer because they can't answer without bullshit.
    I personally think you should count your losses and put nothing in, I have extended my questions at ACX so see if I can get an answer...... I doubt it, they are dead

  4. Yea man, These guys are straight crooks.. I dont usually spread negativity but i tell you.. I would for this... They have had so many loyal people with them and the way they betrade everyone is just ludicrous. I dont want to put a dam penny in here.. All have money sitting.. i hope this whole operation comes crashing down to the ground.

  5. I just logged in today and saw that I have $5477.10 in pc basic ballance and pc premium ballance has $6845.21. Now how do i get access to that?

    1. You will have to chose which of the wallets you want to use. As far as I k ow you can use one of them to purchase new ad packs, the other will be used to purchase traffic.

  6. How does the adding new funds work? do i get to use the new funds with the funds in the premium wallet and basic wallet as well. I have over $12,000 in wallet. so if i add $12,000 will i get access to the whole amount?

    1. You need to multiply the amount as with my example above.
      You have $5000 in basic so multiply it with 10. Add $50.000 and you'll be able to use all your basic funds to purchase ad packages.
      You have almost $7000 in premium so multiply it with 3.33. So add about $23.000 and you'll be able to use all of your premium wallet to purchase new ad packages in ACX...

    2. ok so i have to add $83.00. strange. because 5000x10 = 50,000 and 7000x3.33= 23,310. don't know how you get those numbers

    3. Hello Michael,

      the numbers come from the email they send us.
      The money you have in your basic wallet has to be multiplied with 10 in order to be able to use all of that money to purchase new ad packages. The money in premium has to be multiplied with 3.33.
      From their example:
      100 in basic needs $1000 out of your pocket so you can use 100% of the money to purchase ad packages. if you have $5477.10 in basic means you need to add $54,771.00 out of your pocket to be able to use 100% of your transferred money from Profit Clicking in ACX.
      You have $6845.21 in your premium wallet. Multiply this with 3.33 and you need to spend $22,794.55 to be able to use 100% of that money to purchase ad packages in ACX.
      So that's not just $83 (??) you need to spend but $77.565,55.

    4. crazy. but if we spend that will be be able to withdraw?

    5. Who knows.... I would not want to test it :P

    6. I will give solution how to use premium funds..... For example if you are having 1000$ in premium funds means just fund your wallet with 700$ can buy up to 100 ad packs depends on ACX concept(30% rule).....if you are not able to fund whole 700$ means just fund 70$ then buy 10Ad packs .cycle it ....Be HAPPY WITH ACX....My blog visit there more informations available....

    7. Again... Ad Click Xpress is still in the early stage so they need to pay members to atract more new members as otherwise this won't work out. Be careful or you will burn your hands on this one as all we did before ;)

  7. don't think negatively....Because we hoped PC will pay more but it not done so....But we think ACX will won't pay...But acx really paying.... Visit my blog please don't delete it will help some more persons to belive ACX.

    1. Yes, ACX is paying... now. But the problem is how long will it be paying? How many people will lose money for some few to earn? They have just started a few weeks ago and it would be a complete mess if they would not pay in the early stage.
      Now they are paying but they have already a withdrawal limit for every payment processor; some are limited at $50 per day...
      Soon they will increase limits and start with green light and bull shit and this is for sure. You can bet on it so if you have money there I suggest you get it back before repurchasing any ad packages.
      Believing ACX is going to work where JBP and PC and even ClickPaid failed is just a dream. Do not fail on their scam.

    2. My dear friend.... just understand i know the level of PC......but here in ACX there are 10% and 30% rule to buy ad packs........Fredrick ran their program JBP has internet ever seen.....I am not saying ACX will pay always....up-to my knowledge ACX will run & return our PC losses(It will Run above 1 year)......Withdrawals are working well.....just give a chance to ACX....(LOL...Dont invest much more...just take risk @ 20-50$)......

    3. No... my risk will be $0 ;)
      If I can make some $$ back I'll be fine, if not... fine too ;)