Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why is everyone so exited?

Hi there friends!

Got this email from Ad Click Xpress, aka Profit Clicking, with the title "amazing Exitement - Are you on board?
Here is a part of that email in case you missed it:
Welcome to all our new members!

That’s right, the growth in revenue
over the last couple of days has
been huge - thanks to everyone who
has put their trust in Ad Click Xpress!

Why is everyone so excited?

Maybe it’s because you can earn up to
300% in sales commissions and rebates
for every dollar you spend on advertising.

Or maybe it’s because you can earn up
to $5,000 a day per referral, on any
advertising they purchase, and up to
$2,500 a day for level 2 purchases.

Or maybe it’s because the Ad Click Xpress
compensation plan has been tested and
refined over the last 2-3 years, and - one of those not paying!
happens to be the best there is on the
Internet - there is nothing that compares!

Or maybe many members have gotten over
the shock of Profit Clicking being closed,
and they’re now happy that Ad Click Xpress
has actually taken over all losses they
experienced in Profit Clicking - Yeah! Right... >:(
I'm far from being exited. After all my basic money and even my premium money I spend just a few month back in the "new" premium system is only good to purchase views in the ACX exchange and all of my premium ad packs have been matured and only one transferred to ACX... How could I be exited about this? 
Not only that, they state that their compensation plan has been refined over the last 2-3 years. At least half of the last year they did not pay any money to their members... Still I see people advertising ACX on traffic exchanges! What the hell...
Also: "...and now they are happy that Ad Click Xpress has actually taken over all losses they experienced in Profit Clicking" - What!?!?! You are just scammed us, not helped us! I don't have access to my money, not even the money I put into the system. Money I put in, you took and now it's not there anymore. All the money I put in just gave me one position that will "eventually" earn me $15 ... if there is no restart before it expires and then I have nothing... again. 
Why the hell are people advertising this site? Why are they dragging other people back into something that will keep scamming again and again? STOP misleading people into ACX. Stop joining ACX! Do not put money into ACX. They will scam you the same way JBP and Profit Clicking did >:(


  1. No one is excited.. they are making people fool.. they are trying to force people by posting fake news
    Ad Click Xpress ACX SCAM

  2. Yep, I have to agree with you guys. Nothing new with ACX and I think we are being conned once again to put more money into a system that is not proven beyond reasonable doubt.

    Why would you and I put more money into ACS just so we can use our Basic & Premium wallets... the only party winning there is ACX right!

    I do NOT believe ACX has been that successful in such a short time and I agree they are telling lies right now... fake news is easy to produce!!


  3. OH MY GOD, i dont understand why these ACX or PC or clickpaid even send us email-updates, THEY TOOK OUR MONEY.. then they use clever-techniques, sorry same-old-techniques to try to get us back in, but you must be a FOOL to invest in it again

    Juan whats status on GET-OUR-MONEY-BACK campaign, if you want i can help you, i be your administrator (but i dont know anything abt PC technical-side, as i was referred by an expert)?

  4. Gotta love the math these people use!!! What a racket, and the sad thing is nobody even knows where they are...no address, state, country, etc. We can't even track them down and confront them personally to get some answers, let alone our hard earned money back. I have learned a valuable lesson from this....NEVER TRUST AN INTERNET BUSINESS THAT IS ANONYMOUS!

  5. Hi Juan,
    Why this program the alow them doing this all the what happen with people who knows better then us, to report and stop this website , ( Google ) or Go daddy or anything who is belong the domain ,closed it . dont let this grow , this is more worse then teroris

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLaODHBBZko

    1. Thanks for sharing but... what's all the girls at the end of the video ??? lol...