Monday, July 29, 2013

ACX now owns ClickPaid!

Hi there friends!

Have heard about the "great" news? 
To our valued member of Click Paid, now ACX,

A corporate spokesman for Ad Click Xpress (ACX)
has announced the acquisition of the online
advertising company Click Paid. All assets, program
codes and membership organizations will be
integrated into the ACX system over the coming
days and weeks. Members of Click Paid should take
comfort in knowing the advertising money and
earnings they have in Click Paid will transfer to ACX
intact, and the integrity of their down line
organization will continue uninterrupted.

Ad Click Xpress is a multinational organization, with
tremendous executive experience in the online
advertising industry and strong financial backing.
The decision was made to merge the two companies
after reviewing the compliant nature of their
advertisement bidding program and the remarkable
computer code that was developed to run Frederick
Mann's powerful money-making algorithm.

In June of 2013, Ad Click Xpress also acquired Profit
- the executive team at ACX was convinced
that this company also held tremendous opportunities
for expanding their market share in the online
advertising industry. Now with this most recent news,
along with the memberships of Profit Clicking and
Click Paid, ACX is poised to be the dominant player
in one of the fastest growing industries on the web.

Current members of Click Paid are encouraged to
watch for further details in the coming days in order
to complete a seamless migration into the Ad Click
system. Rest assured that all monies earned
in Click Paid will transfer into a separate wallet for
use in the new program. The ACX team understands
why you joined Click Paid in the first place and will
work hard to ensure that your financial dreams will
continue to expand.

To Your Success,

ACX Executive Team
So we now have to migrate our ClickPaid account as well.. lol!
I don't know what is going on but this really seems like a joke. As our fellow member "Aly" wrote in a comment a few days back their "Million Dollar Challange" is not even worth one cent ;P Their businesses are going down the drain all by themselves so it is just a matter of time that ACX follows the same path.... 
Watch out for your money!!


  1. Hi Juan,

    I am glad your blog is still alive! I went looking for it last week and was sad I couldn't find it....;-)

    I am glad you are trying to recoup some money. All I lost were the earnings I made on ad packs in pc. I never really invested any of my own money.

    With the Click Paid thing being "acquired" by ACX, the dots are all connecting. They say "Doc"n left. (read take the $$ and run!)
    I had been in Click Paid. With the $10 they give you, I had reached $15 in earnings and went to buy another ad pack. They declined me. I need "new money."(there's that term again!)
    So I gave that up. I'm done with so called "passive income." At least were these jokers are involved. (Mann and Dockstader.)

    Keep up the great work with the blog!

    Cindy Schellenberg USA

    1. Hello Cindy!

      Yes, my blog is alive but I had to re-create the last one as people were emailing me because they could not find it due to the "Name Change" ;P

      I'm also done with passive income as all my attempts have filed...
      Anyway I'm still trying to get some money back and I hope I can manage ;)

      Best of luck!!

    2. Hi Juan ,
      How r u ?? I want to ask you that is their any chance for us that we can get our money back from ACX................. ??? Because profit clicking gave me nothing

      And one more thing i want to ask i am confused about that
      I have $4442 in my premium wallet(ACX says u can use 30% from premium wallet rest from ACX wallet)
      SO tell me how much ACX funds i need to use all of mine amount and get it out some way !!!

    3. I'm fine, thanks ;)

      Yes, ACX gave us a way to calculate how much money you need to put into your "business" in order to use all the transferred money.
      if you want to use Premium Funds you need to multiply your funds with 3.33 to know the amount. In your case:
      $4442 x 3.33= $14.792 :O
      So if you fund your ACX account with $14K you will be able to use all the funds you received from your premium Profit Clicking account to purchase new Ad Packages.
      My advise: Don't do it ;)
      Try to make as much as you can with what you have now. If you don't have any ad packs, then leave it there. I won't put any money into ACX and I cannot advice anyone to do it.

  2. But i dont have any active ad packs right now and my money is stuck, is their any other way to get this amount cashout widout investing more money........??
    plz guide me i want my money back :(

    1. The only way would be referring a lot of members that purchase new ad packs, but that would be quite dirty, to make other people lose money for you to get your money back.
      If you have no active ad packages there is no way for you to get your money back, as the funds transferred from Profit Clicking can only be used when adding new funds to ACX.
      The other thing you can do is use the money in ACX to advertise your other opportunities in the ACX traffic exchange ...

  3. I have noticed that my free $10 in ad clix xpress is now not paying at all either, my traffic exchange credits that are in reserve do not go down and the only thing I can use my profitclicking money is on funding the adpacks for traffic (even that is like 20 a day), now another name change.. I really hope no-one invests any of their money with this scam, it really is a joke and needs to be shut down for the good of all...

  4. Hi Juan,
    ACX took 50% of my profit in PC when I migrated.
    I still have not received my JBP panels or PC panels.
    I will not give these people more money when they already
    took 50% of my total profit,I've received nothing in return.
    These SOB need to be jailed where they can't do no more


    1. Aline,

      welcome to the Club :P
      I have not received any PC Panels not JSS Matrices either even though I've paid for the upgraded positions.
      Hope you can earn some $$ back with any transferred ad pack you got from these people!