Wednesday, July 3, 2013

99%... huh!?

Hi again!

Just another awful surprise from our Profit Clicking friends...
As someone in my previous post commented his account was already updated with the Premium Profit Shift I checked mine back as quick as I could just to find out that they've left me with just one (1) active ad package after a 99% conversion :( Here is the pic:
This means that I went from over $17 per day to $0.20 and this active ad package I've got left will earn me $13, not even the $15 as it seems they took the days it has "made" me money in Profit Clicking even though I cannot use that money. They also added $81 to my account balance but as you already know, from my last post, we will only be able to use up to 30% of that money in Ad Click Xpress
What will happen with the PC Panels the owe me now? Basic PC Panels have all been lost, even all the ones I had pending in JBP. Those never made me a dime. All the JBP JSS Positions never where transferred to Profit Clicking. Basic PC Panels were never placed even though I should have received a few hundreds. Now, from the premium Profit Shift I should get 22 PC Panels but... ACX has not yet their panels ready to go and there is no info in their last email about what is going to happen with those PC Panels... not even the Premium Profit Clicking has managed to set up their PC Panels!!

So to make it short:
  • My 58 positions have been cut down to 1 (99%)
  • I went from $17 per day to $0.20
  • No info about what is going to happen with my pending PC Panels
  • Money in my premium account is only available to purchase new positions by adding fresh money to ACX (30%): means I need $7 fresh money to be able to use $3 from my premium balance in ACX...
What now?


  1. These tw*ts have the never to try pull this crap again... I will not invest another dollar into this scam. I am out $2000.00. It's all a loss. I gave them another chance with the premium and they failed yet again. Do not invest anymore money into this scam. They need to be shutdown for good and the people running the system need to be put in jail.

  2. Juan lets just seek help in patience & POSITIVE-STAMINA

    i know its hard, but we will get our money back, we must believe it, and add extreme-HAPPY-EMOTION, now, and continuing to do this, till we get our MONEY-BACK

    i am not saying stay no no.. i am saying that we should feel-HAPPY, we already got it

    the above-is-secret- taught to many so-called aspiring billionaires, which has been kept a secret from most people

    you can use technique for health, wealth, family, and all other areas-of-human-life

  3. Hi Juan,

    I just had an argument with these folks. I bought 5 new ad packs at ACX, but was told I cannot "earn" unless I put my own money up front. Basic PC funds are only good for 10% purchasing. This program sux......

    1. Yes, that's the trap there. You need fresh funds, again, like we did when Profit Clicking Premium was released. Now, even though we have not earned e premium money back, again fresh funds are being requested from the members.
      But how did you manage to purchase packages in ACX without fresh funds?

    2. They are "traffic only" ad packs. That you can buy with PC basic funds. Earning packs need to be purchased withh "new" money....Regards,

    3. Yes, I know that... I got you wrong and thoght you were able to purchase ad packages but those won't start earning until you out fresh money in ;)
      Thanks for the reply!

  4. Hi Juan I start with small money $200 on this Profit Shit The best name to call. then i have almost 300 referals it was so far so good . but now. all suck can not trust this anymore , now totaly after reinvets I lost over 10 g ! this company is already on news have no legal licence. still keep oneday get the money back that all and keep see the news from this blog .
    Note: get my money back or lose with him on the gail ! periode .

    1. 300 referrals? Seems like you've put quite some work into this, huh?
      Did you at least made it to make your initial $200 back?

  5. Where did you get this profitshift results Juan? I'm still not able to see anything new on acx. Premium section has nothing(blank). From where I can see premium profitshift results?

    1. The pic above is from my premium Profit Clicking account, not ACX. Log into Premium PC and find "My premium Profit Shift center" or similar on the top left menu.
      Hope this helps ;)

  6. Yes, I've found that Juan. I also have 1 adpack and $29 remaining.
    When we get this adpack and dollars in acx?
    Still there is nothing on acx after profit shift is over, why?

    1. I just checked and I have "my" ad pack and money in ACX. Check again.