Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ACX working Hard

Hi there friends!

Just wanted to share with you some changes I've noticed in the last couple of days.
First, Ad Click Xpress has added two new buttons to the Dashboard:
The ACX is Paying button:
This forwards you to a page where a lot of Hyip Monitors are posting the "Paying" status of ACX. This strategy was used in the last few month of Just Been Paid to try and attract new members from other areas: High Yield Investment Programs. I think this did work out as long as they kept paying the members ;P
Of course as soon as the monitors start posting the "Not Paying" status this strategy went down the sewers...

The other button is the "Compensation Plan":
Here they have a detailed explanation of their compensation plan and referral program. It is funny to see how they tell you that you can earn up to $5000 per referral when they have a daily withdrawal limit on all the processors so there is no way you will be able to withdraw not even 10% of that money...

So how good is that? 

The other change I've noticed is that I've been checking the Global Representatives site several times and I was really wondering how it was possible that there was only one person shown from Latvia for quite some time. How was that possible that with the huge members that are working with ACX only one Global Representative is available? Well, today I checked back and voila... about 16 Global Representatives are now shown under the "Get Help in your Language".
My message for those people: Buckle up and sit tight because sharp curves are coming your way ;)

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