Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Finally some Info...

Hi there friends!
 Finally we hace received some info about what is going to happen with our Profit Clicking premium stuff:
Ad Packages remaining active after the profit shift will be transferred and keep earning $20 per day.
Premium Funds will be transferred but only 30% will be availabe to purchase new packages just like the basic funds, even though basic is only at 10%.
Here is a part of the email in case you missed it:
Welcome to all our new members!
That's right, the Internet is talking
about Ad Click Xpress, and you haven't
seen anything yet! Why wouldn't it be
the most exciting thing on the web?
ACX pays up to 300% back on purchases
ACX is indefinitely sustainable
ACX pays daily withdrawals
ACX is for everyone
What else is more important than that?
But first a table of contents:
1) PC Premium Profit Almost Completed
2) New Migration FAQs
3) Read about the Profit Clicking Story
4) U.S. Members - Take Your Funds Out!
5) Withdrawals within 24-48 hours!
6) How to use your PC Basic Funds
7) ACX Panel System Coming Very Soon!
8) Contact All Your Referrals
9) Take full advantage of Ad Click Xpress
Now let's get on with an exciting update!
1) PC Premium Profit Almost Completed
Yes, the Profit Clicking Premium Profit
Shift has been almost completed - in
about 48 hours, you should see its
results in the ACX Member Area.
Here are more details:
a) The ProfitShift for the Premium System
has already been completed - all ad
packages not affected by the ProfitShift
will be simply transferred to Ad Click
Xpress (ACX) and will continue to earn
up to 20 cents a day per ad package.
b) Also the account balances in the
Premium System will be transferred to
ACX soon - and then you will be able to
buy ad packages in ACX with up to 30% of
your Premium Funds for each purchase,
not just 10% like everyone is currently
doing with their PC Basic Funds, but 30%!
c) No, it will not be allowed to use
both 10% from PC Basic and 30% from
PC Premium for one purchase - you will
have to choose to either use PC Basic
or Premium funds.
2) New Migration FAQs
The new FAQs for the migration from PC
to ACX are now posted on the Dashboard
in the Member Area - we'll be adding
more as we go!
3) Read about the Profit Clicking Story
Did you read about what happened to Profit
Clicking? There is new information with
lots of details at
It answers so many questions like
- why did Profit Clicking close?
- where did the money in my account go?
- why was everything so complicated?
- is it important to know what happened?
- what is JustBeenPaid?
- why was the Profit Clicking site down a lot?
- what do I do now?
It's a must-read for everyone, so please
forward it those who need their questions
- to your referrals
- to your friends and family
- to people who need some assurance
- to people who think they lost money
This link could significantly help many
people get back on board - unfortunately
there were many problems experienced in
Profit Clicking, and this web page tells
it all, so you don't have to guess!
4) U.S. Members - Take Your Funds Out!
That's right, if you are a U.S. citizen,
you might want to do this now, before
you forget...
For any of the following payment processors:
Perfect Money
Each of these payment processors have made
it known that they may no longer be
supporting U.S. customers as they used to
sometime in the near future, probably due
to U.S. regulatory activity being increased
over the past few months - contact each
payment processor or visit their web site
for details.
What's the best solution for this problem?
Simply fund your Ad Click Xpress Account with
any funds you have left in these accounts and
buy ad packages in ACX as soon as possible.
At a later date, you can request a withdrawal
with a different payment processor like
SolidTrust Pay, after your advertising money
pays out 150% in commissions, right?
It's a win-win for everyone!
5) Withdrawals within 24-48 hours!
That's right, anyone with money in their ACX
account can request withdrawals daily, and
expect to see the money arrive at their
payment processor within 24-48 hours - read
more about this in the previous update:
6) How to use your PC Basic Funds
There are currently two ways to use your
Basic System Funds brought over from Profit
a) Buy 10% more advertising packages with any
funds you have in the ACX Wallet.
b) The second way to already use your PC
Basic Funds is to buy pure advertising.
More details are in the previous update:
7) ACX Panel System Coming Very Soon!
The last tests on the ACX Panel System
are being done as you read this E-mail,
so get ready for some big excitement,
as you turn $20 of advertising into
$60 in rebates, in very short order,
especially during the first weeks of
this major launch!
So what will I do from now on?
I will keep working with the active ad packages I'll receive from premium PC. I'm not thinking about useng new funds in Ad Click Xpress so I'll have to think a way how to be able to use the premium money I'll get once they are finished with the profit shift.


  1. Simple!
    To use premium wallet (30%), add new funds.
    To use basic wallet (10%), add new funds.

    Just add new funds again and again........

    1. Yes, and this is something I don't want to do!! ;)

  2. I checked my Premium account on PC site,and guess what??? I had 82 ad packages and now I have 1(one)!!!... Great,isn't it???...

    1. What a complete joke: They also only left me with one (1) active ad package... Big fail ;(

    2. I had 123 active and now also 1, plus I had $200 pending withdrawal and $182 in wallet and my wallet is $264 so more money missing but doesn't seem I will be able to access it unless I spend, another Ponzi, stay away :-)