Tuesday, July 16, 2013

ACX Needs your help!

Hi there Friends!

Got this email this morning from ACX, aka Profit Clicking, about them needing our help. They want us to join their social media sites and make some good promoting to get the business "Sky Rocket" so we can earn more money. Sure thing... but I'm not going to do this :P

They also started this stupid "Global Representative" bull shit thing. Best way to make you look like a fool in front of the whole Ad Click Xpress membership. I have to say that I got quite exited in first place as, many of you already know, I was thinking about getting a Representative back when it was still Profit Clicking...
This morning, after reading about they having Global Representatives positions open, I took a deep breath and thought twice: How would I look like if I was accepted? Like a complete fool! 
The I read about the benefits you would get and what you should be doing as a Global Representative and it's not worth it. Absolutely not as you know how this is going to end. 
I remember wanting to become a Global Representative in Profit Clicking just to take the chance to request a payout and see if I actually get paid that way... I refused as I thought this would be a bad way to do it and this is also why I'm going to refuse becoming a representative this time with ACX. Anyway you are also required to defend ACX in forums and wherever it is necessary and this would be against my whole blog here :P
There sure will be other people ready to be fooled and look like idiots defending a program that will end up scamming thousands of people all over the world.

Not with Me!


  1. Hi Juan
    You cold not have put it better, and I take the exact same view... why would you want to associate yourself with ACX (PC, JBP) given all the failures and loss of our funds so far.

    I'm still out of pocket and worse off by thousands of $$ than when I first get into PC so, I'm not about to sell my soul and get into bed with ACX for all the wrong reasons.

    If you've got even half a conscience, then helping ACX is NOT an option, nor will I put a single $ into the new ACX system.

    1. Unfortunately, Tony, it is too late for us but we can still help other to skip this scam and go for something better... or maybe even worse... trying to make money online is an adventure on its own ;)

  2. I totally agree with your assessment.
    It bothers me to see how these people keeps on line after having cheated thousands.

  3. Juan, have you bought a new adpack? I've bought it with $7 sdpackage balance and $3 premium pc fund. Well you don't need to put any fresh money!

    1. No, I have not. I don't have enough funds to purchase a new ad pack. i want to try if I can purchase one with my earnings as well. if you've managed to do so that's great ;)