Monday, August 5, 2013

10% referral commission?

Hi there friends!

It's been quite some time since my last post to this scam blog :P
Today one of my referrals bought an ad package and I got an email telling:

$0.5 from your referral, XXX purchasing Ad Package(s) 

So as far as I know and from what is stated in the Ad Click Xpress website, the level one referral commission is 10%. So if one of my referrals purchases one ad package at a cost of $10, my commission should be $1.Then why did I just receive $0.5? I know the person who purchased this ad package is my level one referral ever since this scam was named Just Been Paid

I will be sending a support ticket right away and I will be awaiting their reply explaining what has happened ;)

Ok... this was quite quick so I'm just going to edit this post instead of riting a new one ;P

Here is the conversation about this matter:
Hi there!!
I have a question about the referral commission.
I just received an email about one of my level one referrals purchasing an ad package but I just received $0.5 instead of $1.
This might be an error? Please let me know what could be wrong!
Kind Regards,
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Hello Juan, are you still there?
it is about the referral commission
I just received $0.5 instead of $1
Every time one of your referrals purchases an Ad Click Xpress Advertising Package you will earn a commission. If the referral is on your Level 1 - you earn 10% for new fund or Gift Card purchases and 5% for repurchases from commissions - if they are on your Level 2 you earn 5% for new fund or Gift Card purchases and 2.5% for repurchases from commissions.
But if the referrals are making their purchases with mixed PC funding, then you will receive half the commissions. That's why you had the $0.50.
you received the 5%.
oh... I see
thanks :)

So you see: if your referrals are using money that has been transferred from Profit Clicking than you will only earn half the commission.