Friday, September 14, 2012

More Ad Packs bought

I just logged into my Profit Clicking back office and I just bought 19 (!!) new Ad Packages or Ad Packs with the money I had in my account :) I now Have 170 active positions and those are going to pay me $34 per day from Monday to Friday and $25.50 from Saturday to Sunday. The placement of the Ad Packs is immediate as I got the email confirming the placements just after clicking on the confirmation button :)
We are now required to visit at least 3 sites a day in the traffic exchange in order to get paid so I just did this as well and tomorrow I'm going to check if I've been paid or not... well, not tomorrow only but this afternoon I should have received the payment for my older "Tripler" positions that I still have active in my account... ;)

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