Tuesday, September 4, 2012

One more day....

From the ProfitClicking.com website we can see that there is one more day to go till we are able to start using the site. Hopefully it starts working well and we can start earning money with this site as we used to do with Just Been Paid :)

Positions should be placed correctly and I hope they have managed to overcome the huge delay in the JSS Matrix placements (now PC Panels). Fingers crossed ;)


  1. My account is now missing at profitclicking. Unable to log in and password reset says account is gone. How to best reach them so I can get account and money back again?


    1. Well... I don't know. I was not able to log in two days ago so I entered the conference room and they told me the site was under maintenance so we were not able to log in. Now I can log in without problems... maybe you should enter the conference room and make your question there :)