Friday, September 21, 2012


From the conference room I just got this info:
Profit Clicking withdrawals are currently limited to $250 per processor per day. This means that if you are only using Solid Trust Pay, as an example, you can withdraw a maximum of $250 per day. Of course if you have more processors added to your back office you can withdraw more money ;) I hope I can reach that amount someday ;)


  1. hey juan, do you know when it comes to viewing ads.. can we view ads in advance by which i mean we will watch 21 ads in one day instead of viewing 3 ads per day , can we do that? and qualify for our money?

    1. No, you can not and I've tested it: Every day you log in you have your "Ads Viewed today" on "0". it doesn't matter if you viewed 100 ads yesterday; you have to view your ads on a daily basis. I also thought about viewing ads maybe just twice a week but this is a big NO! :(