Saturday, September 8, 2012

Still in Beta :(

So after waiting for the countdown to get to "0" we are now in a beta time. 48 hours more we have to wait till the site is supposed to be operational. I just finished adding funds again to my account and I hope to be able to buy my "first" Ad Packages in Profit Clicking :)
Here is the latest update we got through email:
Launch Announcement!

Are you ready for the exciting first step into your
new user experience of ProfitClicking? Over the next
48 hours we are finishing the final touches to the
dashboard area in your customer account. Each
release will have critical steps that must take place
to insure the proper function of all areas of the
dashboard, this process is know as a beta testing

In the first beta test we will be opening up the
areas to fund your wallet and purchase your "ad
packs". From here the process is simple, choose
the amount of clicks you would like to purchase and
watch our system do the rest. Keep track of you ad
campaigns in the money monitoring section of your

We will be monitoring all area in this first step
and will make adjustments as everything is rolled

Here's to your Success!
ProfitClicking Executive Team
We need a bit more of patience for the IT team to get all the site set up :)


  1. As a new member, i can't continue my registration process. That's very sad. Just hope their IT team will fix this problem soon.

    1. Yes, hopefully we can start working with the site soon ;)

  2. hey there juan, when this profit clicking site is up and running can you do a post explainging how it works and the best technique/stragedy to make a good amount of money the fastest/best way.

    1. Sure thing.. I'll need to take a look at how it exactly works but if it is the same than Just Been Paid then I'll paste the same strategy I used for JBP into this Profit Clicking blog ;)