Thursday, September 6, 2012


Well... surprisingly today I tried to log in to my profit Clicking account but is wasn't possible. Also the timer got up to two days again... :( 
I entered the conference room and they say that the IT Team is working on the site as fast as they can and sometimes unexpected things happen... Too bad as I was really exited of starting today... Anyway, there is nothing we can do at this point but keep waiting. Hopefully all this waiting has it's reward ;)


  1. Hello
    Today I log in to my account and saw that all my numbers are zeros (positions, profit .. etc).
    Did you face that problem or only I? What should I do?

    1. Yes, all on "0" in my account as well. According to the conference room this is normal as they are working on the site so the data shown is not correct. Don't worry... should all be right when the site will launch ;)