Saturday, September 15, 2012

First earned money in Profit Clicking

Ok.. so I bought a few Ad Packs (19 yesterday and 4 a few days back: Total of 23 Profit Clicking Ad Packs) and I surfed my required 3 sites a day. Yesterday I had $0 in my account and today I have $4.95. This amount does not make any sense to me as 23x$0.15=$3.45... Anyway.... I'll keep an eye on this and let's see what we have tomorrow in there ;)

I also noticed two new updates in the Profit Clicking back office: one for the 13th and another for today, the 15th. I swear the update for the 13th wasn't there last time I logged in yesterday night.... anyway: here they are:
Update for September the 13th:

Daily Updates For September 13, 2012

We hope you have taken advantage of the new earning potential. It's as simple as a click of a mouse. Daily earning potential is captured through viewing at least three websites each day. Select the "Act Now" button on the dashboard in the "My Traffic Stats" area... surf and earn... it's that easy.
In the coming weeks you'll see additional features activated on your dashboard. New product trainings, marketing materials, banners and affiliate sites are just a few of the awesome items coming. We are committed to providing user-friendly, effective tools and services to increase your business and earning potential!
The results of a recent timed commission run, on the new servers, showed a reduction in processing time from forty-eight hours to just three! AWESOME!!!
Here's to your Success!
Profit Clicking Executive Team
Great new :) Now the update for the 15th:

Daily Updates For September 15, 2012

CLARIFICATIONIt has been brought to our attention that many members have been concerned about how to earn income on the ad packages that were purchased prior to the migration. We would like to take a moment and review what was stated in the Sept 12th update.
New ad packages that have been purchased since the migration are earning income now when a member views 3 sites per day. If you have packages that were purchased prior to the migration, you will start to earn on those over the next few days. <- That's the real important part here ;)

Stay tuned here for further updates and directions on how to increase your income with our Traffic Exchanges system! Plus, there are many more products that will be released over the next weeks and months.
Yes... that's right: If you are a migrated Just Been Paid member with active tripler positions you'll (or we'll) have to wait  a few more days till those old "Triplers" get active and start making us money back. Hope it won't take too long! This migration is taking much longer than many have expected and we have not yet received any of the former JSS Matrices either....


  1. Hai Juan you are lucky to have $4.95 because I have nothing in my daily profit , after I click 3 ads everyday almost 2 days I got nothing, maybe It start scam us , beware !!!!!

    1. Hello Doni.

      Have you bought Ad Packs yet? If you haven't bought the new Ad Packs you will not be earning money with Profit Clicking even though you are viewing the sites at the traffic exchange. In one of their latest updates they wrote that the payments for the old Just Been Paid tripler positions will start in a few days. None of us can say when this is going to be but they are paying for the new positions purchased. If you are not willing to buy new Ad Packs at this point but want to wait for your old triplers to start paying again then you'll have to wait a "little" longer till Profit Clicking decides to start paying for those migrated tripler positions.
      I don't think they want to scam us after all this thing with the migration process. They would have been good to go leaving Just Been Paid and running with all the money then... just my point of view ;)


  2. So I have to buy ad pack firsly with this new site (profit clicking) to earn money, if so what the minimum I have to buy that ad pack

    1. There is no minimum. Ad packs cost $10 each, just like the old triplers in Just Been Paid. You also earn on the Ad Packs your downlines buy.
      I really hope the old Just Been Paid triplers start to pay soon as I still have quite some money to make from them ;)

  3. I just purchased 5 ad packs 2 days ago, viewed the 3 ads per day and have not recieved my daily earnings. Now Im thinking the $50 i invested is gone

    1. All I can tell you is what they tell me in the conference room: the IT team is working on the site and data is not updated correctly on the site so there might be errors. I've received my daily earnings for 2 days but not for yesterday. Hang in there and we will see if this is going to work out or not ;)