Tuesday, September 11, 2012

72 hour update

Today I received an email from Profit Clicking telling that one of my referral has bought 9 Ad Packages: Finally! Let's go and start buying some AP's as soon as possible :) -> Failure ;( When clicking on the "Buy AP's" button and after a few minutes loading time I get to a "502 Bad Gateway" site... Too bad :(

Well, at least we can see the ball is moving and I can see my downline members again in my Profit Clicking back office so it is not that bad. I hope that maybe today or tomorrow we will be able to start making some money with Profit Clicking :)

Here is the latest update I got through email today:
72 Hour Update!

We hope by now you have had a chance to log into
your account and start viewing some of the products
ProfitClicking has to offer. Also, in this first
section of the beta testing we are asking all
members to view their wallet, and personal referrals.

All balances and personal referrals have been
migrated over from the previous company. We would
also ask all members to add their processors to their
accounts. Emails will be sent to the address listed
in your account for verification of the connection.

This week will be very exciting. Our IT team expects
to activate the ability to buy advertising packages

As mentioned in our previous timeline announcement,
you will, then, be able to start clicking your way to
profits, a day or so after your purchase.

If you are a former JBP member, your wallet will show
your current balance and you will be able to withdraw
within the next few days any income you have available
to you.

We understand this system is new to most but will be
easy to understand with our new training section that
will be added over the next week. You will find
downloadable materials, how to videos and coming
soon... live interactive trainings.

Remember to log into your account daily to see all
the latest announcements on your member dashboard.

Here's to your Success!
ProfitClicking Executive Team

Best of luck ;)


  1. juan got a question for you? whats happens to our former triplers?? do we not get any imcome out of them?? anymore i have about 139 and i am not buying any ad packages till i get income out of my former triplers?? is profitclicking going to respect my formers tripler daily earnings or its just going to scam us??? please reply.

    1. Yes, our former Triplers are now Ad packages. i had 140 active Triplers and when I log into Profit Clicking I see 140 active positions. So your question should be answered ;)
      I hope it starts working correctly soon so we can start earning ans repurchasing new Ad Packages soon ;)