Friday, September 21, 2012

New great update: 09.20.2012

This is a great new update form Profit Clicking... even though I received it today the 21st and it is dated for the 20th... We will start receiving money (within 48 hours) for our old JBP Triplers! Finally! Even tough we are just going to get $0.10 per day on weekdays and $0.05 on weekends... but better this than nothing! Here is the email:
Daily Updates For September 20, 2012

Withdrawals are now LIVE !

Members can now make daily withdrawals up to
$250.00 per transaction from their wallet
balance to the processor of choice.

Each withdrawal will show as pending until
the transfer is complete. At this time,
members can request one withdrawal per day.
All processors have an eight percent fee (8%)
except Solid Trust Pay which is four percent (4%).
All fees are deducted from the withdrawal amount.
Please note: Withdrawal limits are subject to
change at anytime.

Coming Soon: Within the next 48 hours, we will
begin paying $0.10 on all ad packages purchased
prior to the migration from Just Been Paid.

More great news: As of this announcement, incomes
are current and can be viewed by logging into your
account. We are here for the 98% of marketers
who never succeed online. Everyone can make
money with.
Proven...Profitable...Profit Clicking

Here's To Your Success
Profit Clicking Executive Team
You can also read this announcement:

I also need to apologize for a wrong statement I made a few days back where I wrote that you could withdraw money from each processor once per day but from this new update you could read that it is only one withdrawal per day... So for now $250 is the maximum you are allowed to withdraw per day: I'll get there someday ;)

So I'll be looking forward to see the triplers adding up money to my e-wallet soon!!


  1. hey juan do you think profit clicking will have a restart feature like just been paid did?

    1. Yes, I've read about it in the conference room. I need to check out the FAQ and also the How it Works sites at PC as it should be nentioned there too...

  2. That's the news I've been waiting for. It's all coming together nicely at the moment. Quite impressed with the new site.

  3. hai Juan profit clicking still not paying again do you know why ?

    1. Well... it is not paying every day on time but I'm receiving money and I'm able to buy AdPacks regulary. Hope they manage to pick up payments ;)

  4. Hey Juan, been following this blog since migration of JBP to PC... Just wondering - have you been paid for your positions(Tripler) that you had prior to the migration? I am still waiting to be paid for mine...
    (I just have to view 3 adds per day right - or am I doing something wrong?)


    1. Today I checked my account, my Ad Packages and inside there take a look at "Show Financial Details". I checked this today and there I can see that money is paid every day into my account at 00:05:00 till the 23rd... But I still think this is not showing updated payments....
      Yes, you only need to view your 3 ads per day. I have a little over 30 Ad Packs bought in PC and over 130 JSS Triplers. My last Payment made, the 23rd, was of $10.45. I cannot tell how they have calculated that money...

  5. Hi Juan,

    Are you able login to conference room?
    I can't do it.

    1. Yes... just tried and I'm inside... Do you have the correct link? I used this link:,profitclicking


    2. Thanks Juan for your reply.
      I can login now. My fireworks problem @@

  6. Juan,

    Have you succeeded in any withdrawal? I initiated withdrawal on 09/20 but it is still pending. Also have you tried to withdraw money via Payza? Profit clicking said that Payza is not a valid processor, but they still keep it in the processor list...


    1. Hi there!

      No, I've not requested any withdrawal yet so I cannot tell you about it...