Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's time to log in!!

Ok... the moment has come to get into our Profit Clicking back office and I've been waiting in front of my computer for almost 20 minutes and when the timer hits "0" I logged in... but I did not come through :( Seems like many people over the world were doing the same as I was doing so when we all try to log in at once we couldn't. Probably have to wait a bit till the site is not that busy and I hope I can log in today... otherwise I'll have to wait till maybe tomorrow when the site is not that busy...
The live conference room has been really busy the last couple of minutes with over 1000 members in there. Of course there was no delay in posting negative stuff as soon as some of the members saw they could not log in :(

I'll try to log in again later during the day...

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