Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Update 09.18.2012

So this is an important update, but not the most important in my eyes: Withing 24 hours we will be able to start withdrawing money from our Profit Clicking e-wallets! Here is the update you can read in your Profit Clicking back office:
Exciting news! Within the next 24 hours, members will be able to make a daily withdrawal from their wallet! Remember, the link for your wallet is on the left side of your dashboard. Clicking the "My Wallet" button allows you to manage your commissions and withdrawals as well as pay for new Ad Packages and PC Panels.
Just a reminder--This is a daily withdrawal which means that it can only be done once each day, per each pay processor you have listed in your account.
Here's to your Success!
Profit Clicking Executive Team
This really is great news, maybe for many members... but I would like to know when our old JBP triplers are going to start paying our daily money again. Also we still have no idea of when the PC Panels (former JSS Matrices) are going to be placed. Hope we get some info about this soon ;)


  1. Hey there Juan a bit off topic but with referrals ..... how long or how much money would one referral have to put into the system for you to make say 1000 dollars from them ?

    1. Well, there is no way to answer that in any exact way:
      There are many variables to consider...
      1. You have a referral that buys 1000 Ad Packs (you get $1 per purchased Ad Pack) at once
      2. Cycles enough PC Panels (once they are working) to make you $1000 (you earn $5 per cycled panel -> 200 panels)

      As said, you earn $1 per purchased Ad Pack so it depends on how much they buy and how much of their earnings they use to repurchase new Ad Packs and how many PC Panels they cycle...

  2. Hola Juan, me alegra haber llegado a tu blog. Estaré pendiente de tu seguimiento de este tema. Nadie lo hace!!!, yo invertí un buen dinero justo antes de la "migración" y............?

    1. Si, entiendo... como decimos por aqui estaras con el culo en dos manos ;) Gracias! Vamos aver lo que pasa... Lo más importante para mi por ahora es que empiezen de una vez a pagar por las antiguas posiciones y que posiciones las matrices del último restart ... Esperemos que sea pronto ;)