Friday, August 24, 2012

Account updated

Just logged into my new Profit Clicking account and my data has been updated:
I can now see all my placed positions, active positions, expired positions, daily earnings.... I like the new looks and it seems to be quite organized compared to the old Just Been Paid back office which was quite confusing, especially for new members who really had to fight their way through the back office till they got the hang of it :) I'm still not able to see my referrals nor am I'm able to buy new Ad Packages (former JSS Triplers) yet... hope we can get started soon ;)


  1. Hi .. Let me be the first who asks you in your new site!
    I am a member only from 6th August! Until now I couldn't understand the meaning of Matrix even after reading the FAQ.
    I know that 4 expired positions (or Ad packages) converted into one matrix and after Restart every 20$ form the quantity which is a part of restart also convert to one matrix. And I know that every matrix gives 60$ when it cycled.
    But the question is what's the meaning of matrix here and what's the role of it. And finally, what does (cycle) means here or when we can get the 60$? (after the matrix is created or after a definite period of time or something else?)
    Thanks to patience.


    1. Hello Nagib,

      thanks for being the first to post a comment here :)

      I'm glad you took the time to read the FAQ as I know that many people start asking questions before reading anything...
      I don't know what the role of the matrices is.
      Cycling means that the matrix is filled; means that you and/or the system filled the 6 spots below your position in the matrix. Check these links:

      Hope this explains a bit ;)

      You get the $60 once the matrix if filled. I cannot tell you exactly either as I've not yet filled a matrix myself!

      Happy earnings :)

  2. Thank you very much for quick responding. But still not clear.
    Spots, Levels, Placements, Upline, Premium, … !! Why Upline buy placement for you .. and many questions.
    I think I have a time until this question become important for me (after 63 days my first bought positions will expire). I will try to find answers to questions. And I think that you will fill some matrixes that time :-)

    1. No, you buy premium placements for yourself. If your upline wants to help you, great. But it is up to you to buy the placements ;)
      Yes, if you still have some days to learn about the matrices that's great. I suggest you get into the matrix trainings to learn more about how to work the matrices; it is really helpful ;)


  3. Congrats for your new site Juan, Do you have information when the profit clicking site can be ready for full access ? thank's

    1. Not yet... I've heard something about next week but I would not count on it... I'd suggest you take a visit at the live conference room to get more info there:,profitclicking