Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Important announcement...

Here is a new announcement about the Profit Clicking migration:
#1) Understanding the migration
We understand the migration process may seem like it is taking forever. The truth is we've taken the extra time to retain all information, income, referrals and teams, along with a crucial upgrade necessary to reduce risk and ensure sustainable security.
The Executive team has your best interest at heart. Over this next week you will see things improve and you will be open to do what you do best... share these great ProfitClicking products with the world.
Here is to your success.
#2) SolidTrust Pay
ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS: We have been informed that SolidTrust Pay ACH bank deposits may not be accurate. Although we have no control over processors, Profit Clicking strives to protect our members as much as possible.
We are suggesting that members keep good records. This includes all transaction emails and correspondence between you and the processor. Customer satisfaction and security is our top priority.
Keep waiting ;)

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