Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Update copied from announcements board 28.08.2012


Just copied the new announcement they've added today to the Profit Clicking board.
Please note that;
  • This migration could take at least 1 more week. 
  • New position purchases and withdrawals cannot be done at this time. 
  • You will receive and e-mail from JBP/ProfitClicking once your account has been fully migrated across.
Support Department Update - 08/27/2012

We are currently in the process of migrating over to ProfitClicking and while we are in this process your account activity will be limited. The migration ETA is about a week. Thank you for your patience!

Although members can't submit tickets at the moment we are responding to the tickets which are in the system in an effort to resolve as many issues as possible before the migration is complete. Our Help Desk Staff has been working long hours continuously to resolve as many of your submitted tickets as possible while you wait for the migration to be complete. Please note that Live Chat is fully operational.

We appreciate your patience as we progressively advance.

If you feel you are eligible to provide quality service for our Membership and would like join our Help Desk Staff, please send your resumes to hr@profitclicking.com. We are currently hiring on a weekly basis.

We apologize for the downtime but rest assure that you will be blown away by the ease of use our new site has and how much more user friendly it is. It is worth the wait.

Please note that payouts, daily earnings and the option to purchase positions will resume when the programmers are finished putting everything together during the migration process. Thank you for your patience!

Please look through the following information:

Answers to the most asked questions are here:

http://profitclicking.com/ announcements/?num=3

Please visit our 24/7 conference room for training and basic FAQs

http://profitclicking.com/ conference/

Check out our new FAQ page:


Go here to access your ProfitClicking account (same login as JBP)


Please stay informed by reading all the announcements that get posted under your Dashboard after you login to your account.

Note that we are in the process of migrating all of your account information including, funding, funds, triplers, matrices and referrals. Please be patient while our IT department works on getting everything moved over.

Watch for future updates as even more enhancements and exciting things are coming our way!
Thank you for being a valuable member of ProfitClicking!

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