Saturday, September 21, 2013

Geen light is red....

Hi there friends!

I just checked the green light thing in my ACX back office to test it to find out that all the lights are in red :(
Good they told us that there was not going to be a red light for Payza or STP ... lol. At least they finally managed to increase the withdrawal limits; no wonder as they have implemented the green light system thus having less withdrawals per day....
May the force be with us!!


  1. Indeed it is a very sad day for us when the green light system comes back from the dead :(

    I just have a question for a possible reason for you Juan, did you try to withdraw when you had at least the minimum in your ad package wallet balance? [now $20 right?]
    I'm wondering if it might only show green if you have the minimum ready to withdraw.

    1. Hello Jonathan!

      No, I was not trying to withdraw; just checking ;)
      But I did not have the minimum amount to withdraw money so indeed this could have been the reason for getting a red light. I have not had $20 in my account ever since ACX started working as I purchase a new Ad Pack every time I have about $7 in my account. I want to make it up to $5 per day and then start to withdraw on a regular basis...
      Thanks for your comment ;)

  2. I tried twice - no luck - I have more than $20 in my a/c - the light was green but lasted for 30 seconds ...still got the same old message "Limit has reached .."

    1. that sucks man, i figured as much. be sure to let us know if you ever make it through and if you did anything special...

      like Juan, i was thinking of building up to $20 once i'm making $5 a day, and then trying to withdraw, but maybe i won't bother saving up to 20 if there's no hope of getting through :(

    2. Jonathan, keep trying and let us know your progress ;)

      All the best!

  3. Green Light Button is gone but u still cannot withrdrawl!!!