Thursday, September 26, 2013

My first ACX Ad Panel filling

Hi there friends!

Yesterday I got an email from Ad Click Xpress telling me that my Ad Panel has been placed. I logged into my account to check and right; there it was.
I thought that this was nice and also that I was not going to spend any money purchasing accelerators as I'm still sceptical about ACX and I'm only using my earnings to purchase new Ad Packs to reach my goal of $5 per day.

So what a surprise it was when I checked my email today to read an ACX email telling that my Ad Panel is filling. How is that possible? No accelerators bought and I'm getting my panel filled? That's great, huh? So I logged into my ACX account to find out that my Ad Panel had one spot filled :) Better yet, I got another email this afternoon telling me the same and I thought it as just an error and the email was resend. So I checked my ACX account again and guess what: My Ad Panel now has two spots filled! Awesome :) I really couldn't believe it. 
Will wait and see what happens in the next few days. Maybe I think about it and purchase an accelerator for my spot nr. 2 once I've reached my goal of earning $5 per day :P


  1. you said you have two spots filled. so does that mean you got the $60?... i personally won't spend anything on accelerators until a panel pays me -- if you don't know how long it will take to have a panel pay out, then why bother putting money towards that that could be guaranteed to be growing daily? :P

    1. No, far from it. I only have two spots filled from 6: one on my level one and one on my level two. Unfortunately it has already been about a month since these placements in my panel. No other activity since then :(...