Monday, January 28, 2013

About the new Withdrawal system

Just received another email from Profit Clicking telling nothing about the withdrawal problem and how it will be solved. They just set a $100 per day limit as if this would make any difference to the actual situation.
Here is the email in case you missed it:
Welcome to all our new members!

As many of your have noticed,
the new withdrawal limit has
already been reduced to a maximum
of $100 per day per payment
processor. This will emable more
members to submit daily withdrawal

This was done recently after its
announcement on Doc's Thursday
night call and is our newest
attempt to get withdrawals in
the hands of our members more
reliably - hope everyone likes
the new change!

In addition, all withdrawal
requests in the queue were returned
to member accounts today - all
withdrawal requests in the queue,
and including the withdrawal fee
we normally charge.

So spend your money on what you
want now - either on new advertising
packages and make more money faster,
or simply request a new withdrawal.
Maybe this time you'll catch the

Withdrawal Bucket Help

There are groups of members out on
the Internet who have specialized on
assisting members in getting bucket
withdrawals - they are certainly
available, but we cannot recommend
a specific service at this time.

These services will notify you as
soon as they see that a bucket is
open for withdrawals - you just
have to log in and request one as
quickly as possible after you have
been notified.

Please avoid using any services
that ask for your Member ID, password
or payment processor details.

In the near future, we might just
provide members with more assistance
in this area. In addition, the length
of time a bucket stays open should
also increase.

PC Panels are filling!

Many members are happily reporting
that they are seeing multiple $60
Rebates in their PC Panel Money
Monitor. By accelerating their
panels, these smart members have sped
up the filling process and collected
their rebates MUCH FASTER than those
who did not!

How do you "accelerate your panels"?
Simply click on levels 1 and 2 in your
panels, then click on one of the 3
available accelerators. Keep in mind
that the Nitro accelerators are the
fastest panel fillers available.
They state that PC Panels are filling; really??
I still have some dozens of panels that haven't been placed from the previous Restarts and/or Profit Shifts!


  1. Hi,

    I seriously don't think any of us will ever see our money. I am really shocked they sent money back like that. I had waited way over a month already. Now ANOTHER month? ... if even that soon? I'm really wondering why they don't just close down. At least if they do that, we can all stop trying to get money out. I'm surprised there hasn't been a lot of complaints to the government. Even if they are out of the country, they can still get shut down. I saw another Ponzi move out of the country and get closed ... because they had so many USA members.


  2. Well for one, the flag and pompom waving cheer leaders are getting quieter as the weeks roll by. Shame on those that are still doing the hard "without conscience" sell to new prospects, full in the knowledge that this program is not returning its promise. Definition of conscience; an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one's behaviour.


    1. I'm sure so are all of us... The only ones getting paid are the monitor sites so they still got their "Paying" status in those sites :(


  5. Hey guys, I'm going to be having an Interview with PC's DOC next week. If you have any questions you'd like me to ask him or topics you would like me to address go to my blog and leave a comment on this post.

    Obviously the withdrawals is going to be my first question, but if there's anything else please leave a comment and let me know. Then make sure to follow my blog by email to be notified when the interview is put up!

    1. That's nice Matt. Will check your blog and see what this man has told you ;)

  6. Next 2 or 3 months later Nobody will be interested about PC,If they don't pay rightly.
    Now I am not so more interested about PC.All my money gone under water,I can't catch them.7 months passed still beta testing.
    Why 3%?It is a unique way to grab money.Doc is also so funny.
    Don't invest any money in PC.It's giving only sorrow.

    1. Sad but true, my friend... If they do not catch up with the withdrawals PC will soon be only another bad dream...