Saturday, January 26, 2013

Apologies from Profit Clicking

I received an email from Profit Clicking today where they are apologizing for the bad withdrawal system they had in place... and they changed it... finally...
How long has it taken for them to realize that the system isn't working?? 
Now they have limited the daily withdrawal to $100 per day ... hmmm... 
They've also send back my withdrawal request and the money is back in my wallet... but wait, not all of it. My withdrawal request was of $50 and they send back 48 into my wallet :( Well... anyway I'm going to request a new withdrawal right now and let's see what happens ;) 
Here is the email I received:
Hello Juan,

We are reaching out to you with a sincere apology and resolution for your experience using our withdrawal system.

The challenges you’ve experienced and are being used to strengthen your future. We thank you for your patience in weathering the storm and applaud your decision to continue with us. Your future is VERY bright with Profit Clicking.

Several of our top earners met with our Executive team and developed a workable solution for the current withdrawal issue. Your withdrawal requests are on their way!

To begin implementing this strategy, we reset the Withdrawal Queue, and freed up your money by returning it to your Wallet.  These available funds can continue building your financial future by utilizing Ad Packs, Panels or soon to be released Gift Card. New withdrawal requests will process up to $100/ day per Payment Processor. The previously implemented Bucket System has also been modified to improve your member experience.

With the implementation of this strategy, withdrawal requests will be processed more efficiently.  The net effect is your dollars will either be working for you or be in your pocket, but they won’t be sitting in a queue for an extended period of time!

Your withdrawal request of $48.00 has been returned to your Wallet.

So I just send my withdrawal request of $100. As always it has reached the daily limit so my request has been added to the queue...Here is the confirmation email I received:
Greetings !

Your request to withdraw $100.00 has been received.
You will receive another e-mail once your withdrawal has been sent to your account.

Your Member ID: 595331
Payment Processor: Solid Trust Pay
Amount we will send: $96.00

Remember to tell everyone you know about Profit Clicking!!! -(I will once you start paying!!)-

Best Regards,
Member Support
Profit Clicking


  1. so. i don't see any solution for this problem. They just return the money to the wallet. While the problem was came from withdrawal process

    1. Yes... many think they are doing this just to gain some more time till the site goes down...
      I really don't know what to think about all this.

  2. In fact it is disappoiting when you need money you cannot withdraw. I have been trying to withdraw for the past two month and have never succeeded in one. Pls is profitclicking real?

    1. Seems to be a real scam :( I've also been trying an no luck so I send a request through the queue but now this money has been returned to my wallet... without the fees!

  3. I think if the withdraw system still take time and always problem no one trust the profit clicking , people need cash cycle for using not for invest to company to get interest but company keep long time and make people hopeless always, every single investment need result come back fast this will make people say it just not a dream it reality but when ?

  4. I have not been able to withdraw since beginning of October 2012. Judge for yourself -Profitclicking will never ever be able to match Justbeenpaid.

    Bushy (Gauteng-South Africa)

  5. I guess, it is scam. They want invest money with them yet the withdrawal takes forever or nothing at all. When you invest your money, it is like a lightning to receive a notification that you purchased an ad. But takes 48 years before they will release the payment which is your money and investment. Which is I haven't receive my withdrawal so far. They said that support is online but even I am online 1 days and leave a message to support nobody replies.... what do you thinK?????

  6. why profitcliking is not paying its a froud company just u send back to justbeenpaid ok

    1. Would be great if JBP would have kept working as it was :)