Sunday, January 13, 2013

This has to be a joke!

What a surprise today when I opened my email account to find this email from Profit Clicking with the Title:

Support Your Program!


 Here is the email, or part of it, for you to read it in case you've missed it:
Welcome to ALL our new members!

Support Your Program, Profit Clicking

Just a quick reminder to everyone, that
every Profit Clicking member should be
actively supporting this history-making
program, whatever way you feel you can.
Examples are:

1) Post positive comments in forums that
talk about the well-being of Profit

2) Speak positively about Profit Clicking
when you talk to other Profit Clicking
members, your referrals and sponsors.

3) Learn all about how Profit Clicking
works by attending our live training,
studying our web site and reviewing the

4) Promote your affiliate web site, any
way you can - you will even make some
great money doing it!

It's your program, so support it with all
your passion and efforts!

PC Panels Make You Big Money

PC Panels are a mystery to some, and a
huge money maker for our more experienced
members. Did you know that's how it all
started way back when?

Do you know how to maximize your profits
with the PC Panel Program?

PC Panels are filling daily, and members
are making a $60 Rebate each time just one
PC Panel completes.

Our training gives you the priceless
knowledge you need to succeed. This is
listed in the Training Center and Events
on the left side of the Dashboard along
with other very useful information.

Panel Training for Beginners - 1 hour of
Training is held every Thursday & Sunday.
3:00 P.M. EST (8:00 P.M. GMT)

Join us for a fun and informative hour on
how to kick up your income with the the
PC Panel Program. This is a basic
introduction for new members of the system
and for members that would like to take
their income to the next level.

Roughly 150 members are taking the
training each time it's on. They have a
step up on those who do not attend. It's
free, so why not go?

Do you know what an Accelerator is?

The PC Panel Program is functional and PC
Panels are completing every day. Each time
a PC Panel completes, it pays out a $60
Rebate. You can speed up a panel by
purchasing an Accelerator of your choice:
Ignite costs $5.00, Turbo costs $7.50,
and Nitro costs $10.00. It's an option
for members who are proactive.

Solid Trust Pay Developments:

Due to some recent updates on STP's web
site, any fundings done through STP this
week were not automatically posting to
our members' balances and had to be
manually processed by our staff.

We are working diligently to determine why
their payment notifications aren't posting
to members' accounts properly. In the
meantime, we do have staff watching for
new fundings all day long and posting them
within 12-24 hours once we receive the

Please do not be alarmed if your STP
funding does not show up immediately.
Rest assured, it will still post to your
account within 1 day.

Withdrawal Definitions

Bucket: Each day we take everyone who
requested a withdrawal into the bucket,
then "empty" the bucket and pay them all
at once and completely. Then the bucket
slowly fills back up as people make new
withdrawals... Like any bucket, once it's
filled you can't fill it anymore, and no
further withdrawal requests are allowed
until it's emptied again.

Queue: Just like the british term for
"standing in line", you request a
withdrawal and wait in line until your
number is called, then it's "your turn"
to get paid. People are doing it!
Hellooooo!! How should I tell people to join Profit Clicking if they are not paying me?
How should I post positive posts in forums if they are not paying me?
I've read about people who requested a payout in October and are still waiting for their money (in January!!!).
I really think this must be a joke; how can they expect us to tell anything positive about PC?


  1. Dear.
    Is Profit Clicking Paying Or Not?
    If I Request For Pyout Then In How Many Days They'll Pay Me?
    Please Reply Me. I'll be Waiting.

    1. My friend... there are people who have been waiting for over three month to get their money... an they are still waiting. I requested a payout some weeks ago and it is still pending.... Check forums and you'll find out they are not paying anyone but the monitors :(

  2. Yeah. Seems Profitclicking will be scam like others. Too bad, i never have a chance to withdraw my money.

    1. Me neither... I wanted to build up my account first before starting to withdraw; this was my fault :(

  3. I ignored that email.

    1. Yep... this is what has to be done with emails like those ;)