Monday, January 7, 2013

More Scammers trying to get our money :(

Today I received a fake Profit Clicking email just like the ones I got so many times when in Just Been Paid. Here it is without the fake link, of course ;)

ProfitClicking gives random cash prizes.

Today, we selected your account as the one of 5 top winners accounts who will get cash prizes from us.

YOU WON $250 LR !

Claim your prize following the direct link:


Pay a 0.50$ fees, so we will know that your LR account is still alive.

After the payment you will recive instantly the 250 usd in your LR account.

Best Regards,

ProfitClicking Admin
Please guys, do not click that link: this is a fake email from scammers. They are sending this email to members an non members of Profit Clicking to get access to your Liberty Reserve account and get all the money you have there. Be very careful and delete this kind of emails right away!!


  1. Juan, I just had the same email and thanks for confirming its fake. Had a similar one some months back and I lost all my money in my Liberty Reserve account. But I want to ask you if its really possible to make money online. I really need an honest answer and coaching. Hope to hear fron you soon.

    1. Yes Emmanuel, you really can make money online if you find the correct opportunity and if you put some work into it. I don't know if PC is going to come back to "normal" someday... this would be really awesome.
      I have another business which I started back in 2004 and with work from my side and from my referrals, it has been paying me till today. This business has been online since 1999, I think. It is not paying me tons of money nor can I make a living with is but if you work harder than I did you might reach your goals ;) You can find the link to that business on the right under "Paying me since 2004"
      This is not a passive opportunity like Profit Clicking and you need to find referrals in order to make money.

  2. Site is under maintenance ..Please be patience.Thankyou !

    1. Ok, thanks for the info ;) Working fine now.

  3. I have created a blog to record the amount of days it takes to receive funds from profitclicking after a withdrawal request:

    1. Hello John!

      Good luck to all of us with the Profit Clicking withdrawal system ;)

  4. Profit clicking is best way to earn $10000 in months.Its that easy that everybody can do it even if you have none knowledge on the internet or with a computer.

    1. You must be joking lol
      It's been months people are not able to withdraw money from Profit Clicking and you post here that it is the best business around?
      Are they paying you to do so??