Thursday, June 20, 2013

A new Record?

Hi there!

I think it is funny what these Profit Clicking, now Ad Click Xpress scammers call a "Record". Alexa has ranked them at 900.000: No wonder as all of the members who have to migrate their account are counted a unique visite when they do so. How many scammed members are we? I have no idea....
Here is the last email we got from them:
Welcome to all our new members!

That's right, another big day at Ad Click
(ACX) - remember that name, because
it will be huge very soon!

Go to and see that we're already
in the top 900,000 sites visited in the world,
thanks to all who have already successfully
migrated over - that will grow very quickly
over the next few days and weeks - compare
that to the fact that every new web site starts
at about 24,000,000.

With millions of former Profit Clicking
Members in our system, we're sure to become
very well-known in a very short period of
time - so get in on the action!

As you might have heard from all the buzz on
the Internet, Ad Click Xpress is now in business
and has acquired Profit Clicking - many members
have stated they are witnessing the web site
develop minute by minute.

Help Yourself by Participating!

That's right - the earnings you were expecting
from Profit Clicking are right in ACX - did
you log in to see them yet?

Look in the sidebar on the left of your
dashboard, and see a field called "PC Basic".

Contact All Your Referrals

This is so important - many of your referrals
are no longer reading company E-mails, so
look to see which of your referrals have
migrated over to ACX by clicking on "My

The ones who are not migrated yet have
probably not gotten the news about ACX and
so they still need an E-mail from you!

Keep in mind, that when a program stops
performing as expected, like Profit Clicking
did this year, many people tend to no
longer pay attention anymore; however,
they will much more likely believe your
words of encouragement before they believe
what the company tells them.

It's FREE to migrate to ACX, and ALL expected
earnings from Profit Clicking are projected
to be assumed by ACX owners - this is really
great news! - Ohhh no... you should have charged us to migrate :P

Here's some more great news for you!

Xpress Pay

Today our super-star developers implemented
what we call "Xpress Pay" - as long as you
have viewed the required number of web sites,
by doing your job as a member to get your
daily sales commissions, and you then visit
the dashboard, you'll get a pop-up to remind
you of your earnings each day! No more
waiting until the end of the day before
getting paid, and no more waiting several
days before getting paid either!

10% More Ad Packages from Your Basic Funds

Within a few hours, you'll be able to use part
of your Profit Clicking Basic System Funds
to make purchases in ACX, just like we did
in Profit Clicking when the Premium System
was released - this is huge, because revenue
grew like crazy, and members LOVED it!

When the change has been made, simply log
in to Ad Click Xpress and click on "My
Ad Packages" to buy your advertising
packages, as many as you can afford, and
we'll let you use your PC Basic Funds for
to purchase 10% more Ad Packages!

The more ad packages you buy, the more
access you have to your PC Basic System
funds, immediately!

Premium System Transfer

In addition, the ProfitShift for the Premium
System is already being worked on - expect
those results by the end of the week - then
Ad Click Express will be zooming again! - Yeah, like PC did, right :(

And Much More to Come

We're doing everything we can to make your
ACX experience the best it can be - now its
just up to you to take full advantage of
ACX's benefits, making it possible for just
about anyone to make a living online.

So if you haven't migrated over to ACX yet,
please do so now, and then contact your
sponsor for further guidance - they also
have a huge vested interest in making ACX
as successful as possible.

Start by logging in to Ad Click Xpress at

It is important to encourage all your referrals
to also migrate over and check out the new site.
They will see that their Basic balance will
migrate over as well. This is excellent news
because of the new "10% Rule", where you can
buy 10% MORE ACX Ad Packages using the Basic
balance in combination with your new funds
in your ACX wallet.

So take full advantage of the new,

Ad Click Xpress Advertising System!

Earn by buying Ad Packages

In ACX, you can earn up to 20 cents per day
during the week for every advertising
package you buy.

And you can earn up to 10 cents per day on
the weekends (Saturday and Sunday)
for every advertising package you buy.

You can receive daily earnings on each of
your ad packages purchased, until they reach
a maximum of $15 - that's up to 20 cents
per day per ad package, and you are allowed
to buy up to 25,000 ad packages!
..... Same shit as every few days
So still two days to go till we know what is going on with the Premium thing...

Scam, scam, and scam... this is all I can say about this program. I would be fine if they would pay, or at least let me use the money I've spend in PC, or in my case in JBP, and use it here. in total I spend $290: $240 in former Just Been Paid and $50 in Profit Clicking Premium. I managed to withdraw $22 from premium account a few month back. I had no chance to withdraw a single Dollar from my Profit Clicking basic account. This leaves me with a negative balance of $268. Why don't you guys add these funds to my Ad Click Xpress account? Even if I'm not be able to withdraw that money but at least I could start working with it and eventually make a profit... would be happy with that! 
You have taken my money and the money of many other members around the world. You are nothing but scammers going for another go and scam more people >:(
And why the hell are you still showing "Latest Successful Withdrawals" and "Latest Commissions Paid"????
No one is withdrawing or earning anything from Profit Clicking!?!?!?


  1. JBP = PC = ACX = ... = FM if he ever exist.
    These rogues make fun of us!

  2. In ProfitClicking my money was in so called "Wallet" (basic). Now, in ACX, they put my money in something called "PC Basic" but withdraw request I can make only if money are in wallet. This mean that my money I can spent only on advertising. Other words - they took all. Scamers, 1st class.
    Watch this video:

  3. profitclicking scam
    acx adclickexpress SCAM

    guys promote above keywords as much as you can..

  4. As a basic member in Profit Clicking, I don't want traffic exchange credits coz i dont have a website nor affialate links or whatsoever. All i need is the money i have invested.

  5. As a basic member in Profit Clicking, I don't want traffic exchange credits coz i dont have a website nor affialate links or whatsoever. All i need is the money i have invested.

  6. Profit clicking is a big fraud to steal poor people's money.

  7. My Bro yours is better. I was fooled by a friend to join JBP in July 2012. I started with $1,850 from the sale of my car thinking that I would soon make some money and purchase new car. I have lost everything. Not a single dollar has been withdrawn. I have lost my car to these Frederick Mann scammers.

    1. Oohh... my friend... this is too bad :(

  8. Interesting how Frederick Mann allowed scammers to destroy is reputation he spent years to build. I Joined JBP in July 2012 with 1850 dollars from the sale of my car thinking that i would make some more money to buy a new car. little did I know that this was one of the first scam I was getting myself into. A friend who referred me claimed he has made soem withdrawal not knowing he was not been truthful. It was after the 21st August 2012 that he told me he had not made any withdraw from 1000 dollars initial start. Here in Ghana a lot of people got involved and have since lot all their cash.
    The new thing is nothing but a scam. We must ensure that they never get new members to steal from them.

    1. Ths is not nice... why didn't he tell you upfront about this?
      When I joined JBP people were able to withdraw money and this was thhe reason I got started. Later on it stoped paying and then we switched over to PC.... The rest of the story you already know...