Friday, June 14, 2013

What is going on?


I'm really wondering what is going on with Profit Clicking
All of my active ad packages where expired but 8, making my daily earnings go from over $170/$85 per day to $1.60/$0.80 per day. Then they took all the money in my wallet and today I noticed that they have put it back... WTF!
What are those people doing??
Here is a pic of the "Financial Details":
And here is a pic of my account stats:
Waiting for a new update....


  1. More than two weeks without any news,,,Doesn't look good for me...

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  3. lol I noticed the same sh*t. They put back all my money. What is up with these guys. They seriously just need to close door already and stop wasting our time. It's just sickening...

    1. I would be happy if they give all the members a refund and close the site down for good ;P

  4. I Just Checked my PC and my Basic has $54 in it now, was 54c the other day but still can't withdraw it as still under maintainence, my Premium hasn't earned for 2 days now though, I have started a blog on my experience with profit clicking so have a read


    Jun 15 (1 day ago)

    to me

    WOW!! Time certainly has flown since our
    last update, and Profit Clicking is now in the
    state of transition we previously announced.
    This paradigm shift will produce positive
    outcomes like spectacular upgrades in benefits
    and services to the entire membership. We
    know that you, and your referrals, are anxious
    for the inside information and updates, and
    how it will affect your Profit Clicking business,
    that only our VIPs receive before the general

    Rest assured, your VIP status is honored here
    with the first of many VIP updates:

    As advised by Fredrick Mann, Profit Clicking (PC)
    was to be acquired by a new entity, with new
    management. The acquisition of Profit Clicking
    by the group, AD CLICK XPRESS has taken place,
    meaning big changes in the works.

    The new company, AD CLICK XPRESS (ACX), has
    retained Fredrick Mann as a Corporate Consultant,
    to assure members the transition will be as smooth
    as possible. ACX has agreed, per Frederick's direction,
    to honor the Profit Clicking member accounts, and
    all accounts will be transitioned, with their wallets,
    to the new company system. ACX will use the FM
    "indefinitely sustainable" patented system.

    The "basic" system wallet balance, "ad pack" balance
    and "panel" balance situation has been reversed, and
    the new system will reflect all correct balances.

    The Premium Program will be integrated into ACX
    shortly after it launches - stay tuned for more
    information about that.

    ACX is providing a far superior system to the PC
    system. We've gone to great lengths to make ACX
    as compliant as possible in as many jurisdictions
    as possible.

    We are aware of the anticipation for new information
    that you, and your referrals, have. We can also
    answer your number #1 question right now:

    "When withdrawals will resume?"

    ACX assures us the withdrawal/deposit portals
    will be open almost immediately. There are some
    IT issues involved in getting the processors
    connected to the new system and the IT team is
    working around the clock to get those issues
    resolved in a timely manner.

    Your benefits as a VIP will be outlined in detail in
    the next week. Until then, let's look forward to
    our future growth together.

    Finally, expect to be redirected to the new site
    within the next 24-48 hours.



  6. On 15th 16th of June not working premium A/C . I can't get ADS packages ..and two days daily sales commission not added my a/c .... I think they try to slove this all matter and update this site ..... how ever if they refund soon we are lucky.