Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cancelled my pending withdrawal!


Just to let you know that I cancelled my pending withdrawal I had in Profit Clicking since May the 4th and purchased more ad packs with that money
Simply because I think that it is silly to have "my money" sitting there without doing anything. So I purchased two new ad packs. I will try to withdraw again later... maybe I'm lucky and hit the bucket ... *Dreaming* lol

Now it is already over a week since the last Profit Clicking update and we have still no new info about what is going on. I really don't know what "a few days" means for those people...


  1. Green light system have been introduced in premium system.. It is same as basic green light system.. Always full, pending ......... etc

    1. Thanks for sharing this. I've not yet checked it out. Will try later on today but, as you say, it will probably be the same b.s. as in basic....

  2. you know what i think i reckon they will fix and redo basic system then say add new funds and use 20% of premium money literally like swopping it over.

  3. yea I know but would not suprise me

  4. yeah so far no updates, i invested $830... i chatted live chat with 2 people at diff times, and they states that these monies left in our accounts are only temporary, and we we do not hold management information, but they say themselves say they also invested like us, so they know the suspense were feeling, but it will work out for best soon...
    better to be positive than negative, but then again good to face reality also, but lets bends reality for now